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One of the perks of an upscale restaurant is the posh bathroom. I excused myself from our family celebration to find it. Washing my hands should be simple in any bathroom, right? 485 more words


What I've learned from Sarah Wilson

“Where the mind goes, energy flows”

These were the words that really touched me when hearing the Queen of quitting sugar, Sarah Wilson, talk in Melbourne just recently.

Innovative research tool pinpoints potential therapies for multiple sclerosis

Shared on Facebook yesterday by an inspirational Mega Special lady & 5 x Paralympic medalist! Stephanie Millward.

I haven’t read this yet but I bet it is great news!

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5 Things I also want you to know about my life with an auto-immune disease called Crohn's Disease

I read an article yesterday and would highly recommend all my friends and family read it, whether you have Crohn’s or not. This woman is bang on…well, bang on about the ’5 Things I Want Everyone In My Life to Know About My Autoimmune Disorder’ except of course, her reference at the very bottom to ‘IBS/Chrones’. 192 more words


Are you wearing sunscreen today? What’s your vitamin D status?

As you head outdoors this weekend, are you heeding the advice to wear sunscreen? If so, here’s a reminder that even though your skin may be exposed to the  intense summer sun’s rays, your production of the sunshine vitamin is being blocked.  167 more words