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I thought it was time to jot down some of things that are changing in my life right now. So I've started a new blog, and bought my own web address.

The progression from my late teens to my early twenties has been the most transient and dramatic yet. Sometimes I find myself questioning my personal sanctity, for example. 780 more words


Sick and tired of being sick tired

I’m still a bit sick, a little bit stressed, and as the title of this post suggests, over it. Right now I’m drinking some de stress… 302 more words


Review: Dubar Amla Hair Oil

In my quest to find something (anything!) to bring a bit of life back to my dry, damaged, incredibly lacklustre hair I came across Amla Oil in the haircare section of the supermarket and decided to give it a shot. 218 more words


Perks of Being a Bengali !!

I have grown up listening to statements like “Kaisi Bengali hai tu..fish bhi nahi khati?” or “Tu Bengali hoke meetha nahi pasand karti?” or “Tera nickname nahi hai..aur tu kehti hai tu Bengali hai!” and the most epic one is “Tu toh Bengalis ke naam pe dhabba hai Shinjini!” 446 more words

Would You Rather Have Friends or Author a New York Times Best Seller?

Would you rather have friends or author a New York Times best seller?

I’ve been asking myself this question, along with the more general “What am I willing to give up from my day to be a more prolific writer?” for three days, since I read this article on Cracked called “ 806 more words


August's end

all the flowers in her garden
have hung their head
cause August has arrived
and its end is a cause for dread

scented lilies & lilac lupins… 114 more words


A Shot In Hell

Jo March has always been a character I could relate to. It’s wasteful to spend too much time thinking about the past but, if I try, one of the earliest memories I have is watching the… 774 more words