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The Orb of Motherhood is A Quiet Darkness

Some times I know myself well. Certain scenarios are just that, certain. A young man once told me “No matter where you are, you are always as you were.” It was my very nature to take this as an insult. 455 more words



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Pen And Ink

One Lovely Blog Award

Today, my lovely friend, Hailey nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. :)

The rules are as follows: A nominated blogger must (1) link back to the person who nominated them, (2) list these very rules and display their award, (3) share seven facts about yourself, and (4) choose some indeterminate number of blogs to nominate. 343 more words

Crumbs of Life

My boyfriend always makes fun of me for telling very short stories about things I’ve done. One time I protested that they were slice of life stories, and his response was that they were slice of slice of slice of slice of life stories. 151 more words


Two brothers in a grown up beach

In the company of grown ups, they were silent and thoughtful. Still they were excited to visit the beach after a long time. They just walked in company of the grown ups, not showing any sort of interest in building sand castles or running with the little tides on the shore.  175 more words

Short Stories

The Time I Got Fired From Pizza Hut

I worked at Pizza Hut as a waitress the summer after my first year of college.  It was the first of many serving gigs.

Pizza Hut had its fun moments.   674 more words


KNOCKING ON HEAVEN'S DOOR: The Part to a Better Way of Death


Part memoir of her father’s dementia and evential death, and treatise on how we came to the situation of people dying in Intensive Care Units being kept alive at extreme costs for a few extra days or months.  330 more words