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Dream of ReCalibration (Part II)

In continuation from Part I

Let’s fast-forward six months ahead (or so) because I’ve added a few doses of crazy into my life:
I started working. 1,109 more words


First DST: "Revolutions of Neuroticism"

Hi, Blog Audience :D

I’ve been taking a grad school course called Digital Storytelling and Communications Media. It’s been a great resource for imagining my future arts-based curriculum while also giving me tools to create for my current classroom. 571 more words

Open Heart Project

The Hurts of Being Open

This post is specifically about being open to Love(s), but can apply to many things in life – moving to a new city, starting a new job, etc. 312 more words


5 things my boyhood church did right

There’s a lot of second-guessing happening on the internet these days, popular bloggers lamenting how the church is failing “this generation.” So to balance out all the hand-wringing, indulge me a retrospective on my own growing up years. 807 more words

Church & Discipleship

New Love Poem (by Poet Dressed in Black)

I sold a few chapbooks at my readings. Made a few ducats. It felt a little odd selling my art. But I can get used to it. 433 more words


Man Flu v Lady Sickness?

Now here’s a riddle…

“What’s the difference between man flu and lady sickness?”

Think you know? Come on… we men are supposed to all be performers of Oscar quality when we have a bit of a cold. 40 more words



I met a man named John P. Milton, a remarkable and brilliant person, with an exceptional spirit and love of coffee. I had no knowledge that I was going to be privy to a talk he gave, or even what he had to say. 363 more words

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of