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a garden in Dundee

from her kitchen windowsill
she idly watches a daffodil
marvelling at its sense of time
as it pushes through cold earth & leftover winter grime… 63 more words


Being the Know It All

I remember once I was standing outside my apartment door, talking to someone I knew very well and out of the lips of someone I respected came words that I could not comprehend.   1,036 more words


'Unspeakable Things' by Laurie Penny

 ‘This is not a fairy tale.

     This is a story about how sex and money and power put fences around our fantasies. This is a story about how gender polices our dreams.

1,550 more words
Book Reviews

application unsuccessful on this occasion

she seeks an end
to shattered dreams that endlessly bleed
assistance from any entity
who can help fulfill her need

she desires understanding
of the talent in her soul… 35 more words


The Realness That Finds You Awake In Bed

There should be a course taught in high school about the emptiness that follows youth. A fundamental course, like Health Class or Gym, called The Realness That Finds You Awake in Bed. 849 more words


Evening Walk

I walked home with my books
In evening’s pastel blue
November’s chill compelled me
To hurry past the view.

Yet grey clouds stood like mountains… 133 more words


Irlen Syndrome: What Is It & How to Treat It

My 15 year old daughter was born with Irlen Syndrome.

Irlen Syndrome is a short-circuit between the brain and the optic nerve. Something goes amiss and the brain is unable to send the optic nerve every signal that corresponds to every color of the color spectrum. 2,979 more words