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It slows me down
Fills my nerves with overwhelming sensations
Tightens my grip.

If I have learned anything from
Endurance of pain,
It is like a flash of light. 149 more words

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Songs My Father Taught Me

My father didn’t give me songs in the traditional sense. He gave them to me unspoken and acknowledged only by the turn of the volume knob. 1,813 more words

Reaping and Sowing in Coffeeland

Well, there were lots of things to say, and I said very little of it last week. I’ve been wanting to blog since Wednesday but my computer has been in the throes of horrible, horrible death since early last week. 688 more words


Dream of ReCalibration (Part II)

In continuation from Part I

Let’s fast-forward six months ahead (or so) because I’ve added a few doses of crazy into my life:
I started working. 1,109 more words


First DST: "Revolutions of Neuroticism"

Hi, Blog Audience :D

I’ve been taking a grad school course called Digital Storytelling and Communications Media. It’s been a great resource for imagining my future arts-based curriculum while also giving me tools to create for my current classroom. 571 more words

Open Heart Project

The Hurts of Being Open

This post is specifically about being open to Love(s), but can apply to many things in life – moving to a new city, starting a new job, etc. 312 more words


5 things my boyhood church did right

There’s a lot of second-guessing happening on the internet these days, popular bloggers lamenting how the church is failing “this generation.” So to balance out all the hand-wringing, indulge me a retrospective on my own growing up years. 807 more words

Church & Discipleship