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I live white privilege, I didn't earn it

Currently there are 54 countries in Africa.  I have met people (and have had enough of a conversation to say I know a little about them) from Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, and Uganda.  2,191 more words


A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline (2014 Update #2)

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year already (there’s even less time until Christmas;  only three whole days to go); I feel I say that… 437 more words


A cloudy back in the day

A Cloudy Back-in-the-day

Living in a bachelor suite downtown, near the university, a downtown university, where there was a mall nearby, and a modest skyline for those who chose to look up, was I, who was always looking down.  2,098 more words

Short Story

It is a Good Day to Die!

I write this as an act of catharsis, or perhaps in vain hope-a concept that I generally skewer in others-that someday someone will read this and truly grasp the pathos of my life as a Trans person. 403 more words


The future is never certain, but we knew that

I would be lying if I said losing my job this month didn’t adversely affect me, so I’ll take delicate steps around the truth. I’m not hear to bring anyone down. 165 more words


19 December

It was so beautifully convenient. He was smart, tall, distinguished and goofy all at the same time—an impossible combination. But he was. And he wooed her on a bus trip, in the library, in Central Park, and outside her dorm. 232 more words


Music Memories #1

Music Memories #1 – Bruce Springsteen Live 75-85

As Christmas approached in the winter of ’86- ’87 I knew shit at home was going to be bad. 510 more words

Music Review