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The Passion Of The Rubens

Recently I saw “From Van Gogh to Kandinsky” at the MMFA, and a Cézanne painting of apples and pears brought tears to my eyes.  No sobs, or any other physical affect, but the water welled up so deeply that it spilled over.  1,375 more words


When I first got a computer.

When my parents bought our first computer, I was ten years old.

Up until this point, I had been a smart kid, but squandering my potential – I didn’t find a lot of fun reading through most books, and I was more than a bit cynical. 152 more words


My mom was born in 1924, but she never saw a squirrel until 1949.

The island of Montreal has lots of squirrels, the island of Newfoundland had none until someone introduced the species in 1963.  1,138 more words


Marya: A Life by Joyce Carol Oates

“Marya was a survivor. From the brutal lessons of an abandoned childhood to the darker, more complicated games of the adult world, she rose up to perilous heights of fame. 366 more words


My Office/Desk Area

I’ve wanted to post a check out how awesome my desk/office space is kind of post for a while; as soon as we finished painting the walls pretty much. 383 more words


On The Bridge over the Towy

Sunset stripes Carmarthen sky,
A molten westward glow
Leaching the river
Swift beneath the bridge,
Rock shadows on mud
Where herons stand by day.
Dusk cloaks me, 97 more words




Sorrows is both terribly despairing yet at times humourous. Toews’ theme is how suicide affects a family. Quite timely as the Supreme Court of Canada is hearing a case on assisted suicide as I write this post. 358 more words