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Re-membering Ourselves Through Photography

In the introduction to her book, Picturing Ourselves: Photography and Autobiography, Linda Rugg outlines the complexities of textual and visual signification within the autobiographical genre. 413 more words


Left behind, or Burnt

After yesterday’s tale of the Great Fire of Aberystwyth, I can’t help but think what would happen if my home was to suffer a similar fate. 431 more words


Friday-Family History and My Story: Goodwin continued

Happy Friday, it’s become my new genealogy work day. I used to do it all on Sunday, but now I’m doing more research on Friday. Because my maiden name is Goodwin, I thought I would give a little of the roots. 408 more words


Autobiography - P. 39, Part 1

There was an elderly, blind man with a white beard that was in for child molesting. He used to walk around with Frank who was in his fifties and was an illiterate farm laborer. 314 more words


the viv albertine book

one summer around five years ago, i arrived in san francisco on a warm balmy evening.
with suitcase tossed into and around a hotel room, i then ran out into the city night,       like a rat up a drainpipe. 362 more words

Response: Smith and Watson and #selfie in South Korea

Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson’s characteristics of the “autobiographical subject” can be applied to the use of selfies in photo sharing apps such as Instagram to construct a narrative bound in cultural beauty standards. 364 more words


The Breakthrough.

I used to think I wanted to write a book about my life. Not because I want people to know about me and my life, but because I’ve always thought maybe if I sat down and wrote it all out, every feeling I’ve ever had and that has ever held me back, would be released for good. 337 more words