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When she was 8 years old she participated in her first and last cakewalk. It was the first and last time anything would be as uncomplicated as duck soup and it felt like rhapsodies, child’s play that implored undiluted bliss. 215 more words

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

I found myself watching a documentary about entertainer and force of nature Elaine Stritch the other day.  It was called Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me.  If I’m being honest I only watched it because I read a particularly funny passage about her in Morrissey’s  413 more words

Why Write Your Personal History?

Why should you write your personal history?

Because your life was unique (whether you think so or not).  Because you are unique.  Because you have posterity who will want to know something about you someday.   215 more words


Nocturnal thoughts

“It’s one thing in a labour camp: You break your back the livelong day and, just you lay your head on a straw pillow, you hear: “U-u-u-up you get!” No nocturnal thoughts here. 204 more words


Not Just Hello

There has been a lot of much needed discussion about street harassment lately.  I have my stories.  Yes, all women have these stories.

The first time I experienced street harassment I was a 13 year old girl.   796 more words


Book Review: A Chinese Life - Li Kunwu, Philippe Otie

I found this book in my local library last week and the blurb convinced me to take it home:

An autobiography in graphic-novel form, A Chinese Life… 403 more words

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