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The Forest of Long Ago

At first I saw everything. Large trees held plumes of green needles with swaying and bent grey arms. The forest floor was packed with the dead reminders of what once was green, now encrusted with orange and black needles like an itchy blanket. 3,854 more words


Romania Travel Journal – Principles from Ostraveni

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday was split into three acts. Act 1: Mini-conference in Ostraveni. Act 2: Visit to an Orthodox Monastery.  Act 3: Trip to Gaujani. 1,343 more words


Only When I Laugh

Only When I Laugh
By Paul Merton
Ebury Press – £20.00

Paul Merton is without doubt, the funniest man on radio and television at the moment. 655 more words


Shazia & Magi

Thanks to everyone who came along on Tuesday night for a fascinating evening with Magi Gibson interviewing Glaswegian author Shazia Hobbs about her extraordinary life story as fictionalised in her debut novel “The Gori’s Daughter”. 407 more words


Ms. Nelson

I met a group of friends when I
Was right about thirteen:
(For forty years now, we’ve been friends
Through times both bleak and green) 263 more words

Original Poems

The Worst 12 Months of My Life

So what’s up everyone? Hope your all doing well, and happy Thanks Giving to all Americans. As you can probably tell from the title, I’m about to discuss some personal stuff. 2,109 more words

Jake Druett

Another Man's War

The book I read to research this post was Another Man’s War by Sam Childers which is an excellent autobiography that I bought from kindle. This book was made into a film called Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler and is set in South Sudan and about the civil war there. 392 more words