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Autocad Operator/Draftsman


AutoCAD operators should have particular skills to get professional efficiency. Some important ones include:

  • Proficiency in advanced in AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Windows and Microstation application.

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How to count blocks really fast (block references, actually)

It’s like magic. You start command, select everything and push return. And voilà! There’s a list of all your blocks sorted by name, with quantities included. 102 more words


In the Need of Anything AutoCAD...

In the event that something unfortunately goes wrong in your AutoCAD file, the best way to troubleshoot this information is on the AutoCAD website itself. This website is able to tell you just about anything needed for the problems you might face. 69 more words

Interior Design

Creating Viewports...

We have to create viewports and we have to create images in model space in order to present them in an effective, and clean manner. To do this, it requires a bit of knowledge and know-how. 55 more words

Interior Design

How to Use the Laser Cutter...

Though I haven’t had much opportunity to use the laser cutter, I was intrigued by the machine and found numerous videos on the subject. For our Monastery project, we used the laser cutter to create a scale model of our floor plan for our final version of the project. 16 more words

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Creating a Basic Floor Plan from an Architectual Drawing...

Sometimes we have the drawing first and not the floor plan–we have what the outside of the building looks like and then have to design the rest, not always being able to create anything we want. 52 more words

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be brave

So why is it that I now only have the guts to tell you my story, is it because I recently have been baptised or maybe I’m worried I’ll be dead before my story gets out. 83 more words