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Cross Sections and Volume Tables

If you are like most designers or engineers, you have probably worked on projects where cut and fill volumes were required on each cross section, and you were the lucky one chosen who had to sit and calculate all the volumes by hand. 663 more words

Civil Engineering, GIS

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If you’re a .NET developer trying to integrate the wonder that is Autodesk AutoCAD into your product so you can do wonderful things with it, but keep experiencing this dreadful error, … 169 more words


Topo Part 1: Create Toposurface

If you want to create a landscape base from existing data, your best option is a Toposurface. Revit actually refers to this system family by 2 names: Topography (in Object Styles) and Toposurface (on the Massing/Site Ribbon). 325 more words


Corporate Office Design

Select an existing firm and design the space within given perimeters.

Design Concept:
Design a space to demonstrate corporate’s mission while increase work efficiency and productivity. 34 more words


BroJo's Life, Giffed

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by this, and dedicated to Lily at Lilyincanada.wordpress.com and Kidz Shows… 804 more words


3D - Cómo modelizar en autocad estructuras laminares de doble curvatura

Las estructuras laminares son aquellas cuyo grosor es bastante inferior en relación con las otras dos dimensiones y con el radio de curvatura. Para lograr este efecto, es apropiado, o incluso necesario, que la estructura tenga una geometría especialmente ideada para resistir los esfuerzos a los que estará sometida. 685 more words


3D - How to model in Autocad a shell of double curvature

In order tu design properly a structure of this kind, it is necessary previously to define its shape through a mathematical function. For this reason, the first step when approaching the problem of modeling rigorously a shell is to draw a function in Autocad. 157 more words