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Getting real tired of your shit, Autocorrect.

In the span of two days my autocorrect has made affordable and adorable interchangeable more than once.

“You look afforable.”
“That baby actually looks affordable.” 90 more words

Texting Can Be Dangerous

There are many dangers that come with texting an important message..

Let’s take a look…

A man received the following text from his neighbor...

“I am so sorry Bob. 127 more words

365 Days Of Laughter

Minnesota, character amnesia

1. The Wall Street Journal reports that Minnesota is cool now, and not just temperature-wise.

Though most Americans consider the state part of the Midwest, a number of local influencers are proposing to redefine Minnesota as a region that the U.S., officially at least, currently lacks: the North.

417 more words

Damn you auto correct

This is probably going to be a LOT funnier for those of us directly involved but, still, had to share.

Me:  That’s me waking up to you.

80 more words
Other Him

Do we have control of our online browsing? Or is technology taking over?

Are we that lazy that we have given in to this robotic mind that has been forced upon us? Constantly being spoken for. We no longer have a choice in what we text, Apple identifies “hahaha” as being wrong, thanks to the one time we mistyped “haqaha”. 115 more words


Ducking Autocorrect

All I had to do was reply with “Yes” or “Sure”….

I used text-to-speech on my iPhone.

I saw the word “Sure” appear in the dialog box. 18 more words