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Embarrassing Autocorrect Moments

I am sure all of us have faced this at some point in our rush to send out an instant mail or message…and the realization usually hits us right after we hit the Send button. 101 more words



I am fractured
the world of difference
between what you think
of the past few years,
the test of your choice.
The only thing
that you can forget… 246 more words


How Technology is Changing our Attitudes Toward What is Acceptable

It may be a slightly longer title that normal, but I just woke up and my coffee has not yet made the move from my cup to my stomach, so please forgive me. 372 more words

Alex Laybourne

'Can we Auto-correct humanity?'

Check out the latest hit of another video addressing the impacts of social media – it’s going viral as we speak!


Autocorrect Humanity

Affirmation of the human spirit is not tied into the validation of a “Like” button.


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