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Black Walnut

But what is it good for medicinally? Well, since I just like to be the harvester and medicine maker, I will leave you with some links that I like. 654 more words

The American Autoimmune and Related Diseases Association (AARDA)

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of many autoimmune diseases (AD). In a normal immune response, white blood cells identify foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses. They produce antibodies against these invaders so other cells can destroy them. 162 more words

In Spite of Virtue and the Muse, Nemesis will have her dues...

It was the return, the chase around Good Hope, round the Norway Maelstrom, round perdition’s flames. We return to the Trexler Game Preserve, this time with more preparation and an idea what the hike holds. 2,072 more words

Cooking Gluten-free Pasta

Gluten-free diet is one that omits Gluten a protein found in Wheat, Barley, Malt and Rye. Gluten-free diet and living is medically necessary for people diagnosed with genetic autoimmune disorders… 703 more words

Gluten Information

The Plateau

We had been climbing for about 30 minutes. I looked up the twisting trail, seeing only the shrubs and trees that dressed the path on either side. 476 more words

The Old Lady In My Bones

23andMe - Sequencing your Genome and Autoimmune Implications

Humanity has now come to the point where you can spit into a test tube, send it in the mail, and get back data on your genome for only $99 (23andMe.com).  340 more words


Memories seep from my veins, let me be empty, and weightless and maybe, I'll find some peace tonight

My mom started chemotherapy yesterday.

We only found out on Thursday that she would need it.

She has been terribly ill for almost 2 years, an unnamed disease running rampant through her body. 436 more words