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Not drinking? 'You're so boring!'

So I met a mate for a drink tonight in a bar at about 6pm….I guess this is known as ‘beer o’clock’, but not for me. 473 more words


Dispatch from the Paleo Front Line

Nine researchers authored the first report from Dr Terry Wahls’ study on treating autoimmune with a paleo diet.

Dr Wahls has Multiple Sclerosis  and got herself out of a wheelchair using a strict (ketogenic) version of her Wahls dietary protocol. 903 more words

Say Goodbye to Grain!

Wow, it’s been a busy and FUN summer so far.  I’ve so enjoyed camping and being in the beautiful mountains of Idaho.  We are so blessed so have amazing places to explore right out our back door.   383 more words

This One's for The Girls

Gentleman, avert your eyes, this post is not for the squeamish. I am about to broach a sensitive feminine issue. Ladies listen up – it’s bad enough we have to deal with arthritis, but on top of the challenge and frustrations of the old lady in our bones, we must also deal with the fluctuating hormones that rule our bodies at certain times of the month…yes, you know what I am talking about, our regular ( and in some cases, not so regular) monthly visitor that shows up, wreaks havoc in all sorts of ways and then wanders off, not to be seen again for another twenty-eight days, leaving us to clean up the ruins. 240 more words

The Old Lady In My Bones

Everyone needs someone

I’m a firm believer that living with type 1 diabetes would be a nearly impossible and miserable experience if I wasn’t lucky enough to have my husband by my side. 378 more words

Type 1 Diabetic

I am having a difficult day today. Trying to nurture myself.

My heart hurts, and I feel very isolated and helpless.


Shakeology....is it the real deal or just too good to be true?

*Disclaimer: I follow a very strict paleo diet, with around a 95% adherence, exceptions being full fat dairy products and the occasional gluten from eating out. 1,784 more words