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For tens of thousands of years, picky eaters were deleted from the gene pool as quickly as people with bad eyesight or slow reflexes. Human beings weren’t the biggest or fastest or most lethal creatures on the planet, but we were the most devious and could eat almost anything. 737 more words

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Like an old time
Delivering not
Sandwiches and
Kisses and
Smoldering stares,
Warm hands,
Wet lips,
A hungry mouth,
Groping hands, 10 more words


An automat and a day of rest

I walked by my first automat-convenience store in Paris, or almost anywhere in the world. Parisians who live near this glass-walled convenience — refrigerated and selling milk along with batteries — must be particularly pleased on Sundays, that swath of time every week where most stores are required to respect le repos dominical. 254 more words

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