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Of Piper HD Security Camera Video Monitoring Wireless Surveillance

To monitor “print” news, you can choose a traditional press clipping service or an online news monitoring service. In a subsequent article, I’ll examine the features and benefits of each approach. 289 more words


Comparing Piper HD Security Camera Video Monitoring Wireless Surveillance

Part III of this series examines “Broadcast monitoring for TV & Radio News.”

Except for businesses that are local, most organizations monitor all news sources nationally for all mentions about their organization and its brands and services. 186 more words


How does UPS handle all those packages?

Today is a big day for companies in the shipping business. Coming off of the last weekend before Christmas, it is not too surprising that the likes of UPS and FedEx are expecting a massive rush of packages ordered by everyone who gave up on the mall and just ordered it online. 257 more words

Supply Chain

2020 - new technologies driving change

Deloitte identifies three “exponential technologies” that are currently driving change (here), two of which we have blogged about extensively.

  1. Robotics – the robotics industry will create 3 million new jobs between 2014 and 2020.  
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Chap 01 Introduction

Holy Quran - KSU Electronic Moshaf project

( 1 )   By the sky and the night comer -

( 2 )   And what can make you know what is the night comer? 202 more words


Mustapha BenDaoud BenAhmed Barki

(8) Mustapha BenDaoud BenAhmed Barki.

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