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Lets have more green trees

I have been working on making jobs ignore intermittent failures for mochitests (bug 1036325) on try servers to prevent unnecessary oranges, and save resources that goes into retriggering those jobs on tbpl. 546 more words


The Poster Child for RPA

In a recent interview with Genfour, Blue Prism CMO Pat Geary discusses Blue Prism’s growth and global expansion. Touching on current factors hindering mass adoption of robotic process automation (RPA), as well as opportunities for entry into new markets, Pat confirms that RPA will soon be a very real part of the way we work – and how Blue Prism will be spearheading its adoption.    606 more words


This week, we crossed an interesting milestone in operations – the creation of our 500,000 ticket.  A long time ago, we ran things by email.  Moving to a ticket based system for tracking work was not trivial.   417 more words


Man & Machine: Why Security Needs a Human Touch

There’s an old saying in information security: Corporate networks and infrastructure should look a lot like an M&M: With a hard, crunchy outside and a soft, chewy center. 922 more words


Channel Marketing Automation – The “Natural“ Next Step?

The other day I met with a good colleague in Germany in a lush Beer garden and we talked about Marketing Automation and Social Media. Unquestionable the hottest topics right now in the world of marketing. 673 more words

Is Automation for Regression Purposes Worth It?

One of the major advantages for automation that is often touted is that you can perform regression testing for your releases. After having implemented (or attempted to) an automation strategy for multiple employers, there are a few guidelines I have learned along the way that help in determining what you can use for regression purposes, and what you should pass on entirely. 981 more words


Do we Need Testcases?

I was writing test cases meekly for one of my projects on a busy day at my office. A notion clung my mind why am I doing so. 461 more words

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