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vCAC 6.1 (vRA) Distributed Architecture Installation Guide Made easy –[Part –02]

Certificates for Identity Appliance

High level procedure to install and configure identity appliance
  1. Deploy Identity appliance

  2. Power ON appliance

  3. Configure Timezone

  4. Configure Time server

  5. Initialize SSO…

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VCAC 6.0

Tsar Wars - the Empire fights back

I wrote a detailed article back in March of this year that followed up on a lecture I delivered to a mix of very senior directors and relatively new digital recruits at one of the world’s largest advertising agencies.  630 more words

Postcards From The Digital Frontier

Science isn't Science without Scientists

In the 10 October 2014 issue of Science, the editors ran a policy article titled “Amplify scientific discovery with artificial intelligence.”  The abstract reads: 1,030 more words

vCAC 6.1 (vRA) Distributed Architecture Installation Guide Made easy –[Part –01]

I should start using official rename now. It is vRealize Automation (vRA). This blog post is an attempt to make distributed architecture of vRA 6.1 simpler to install and configure. 1,332 more words

VCloud Automation Center 6.0

Is Automation Making Us Dumber? The Answer is No

There is an interesting genre emerging today, as otherwise smart writers start to warn us that either (a) robots are going to take over the world or (b) computers are eroding human intelligence. 1,138 more words


Tales of an Ansible Newb

Ch.0 – The Hook

The main thing I like about Ansible is that it has a very easy onramp. If you’ve done even a little bit of administration of a *nix system you’ve been exposed to the shell to interact with the system and ssh to connect you to a remote computer where you can interact with the remote system’s shell. 460 more words