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Choosing the Right Ad Network for You

By: Austin Dicharry

One of the main benefits of programmatic advertising is its automation. While you can still buy ads for a preset price, the vast majority of programmatic ad prices are determined on the spot, sold at auction for the value of the ad spot right at that moment. 455 more words

Programmatic Advertising

New Motion Control Technology Handbook

Check out Manufacturing Automation’s MOTION CONTROL Technology Handbook to learn more about the latest products, technologies and solutions shaping the market.

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Innovation, the engine in engineering

Soenen is een zelflerende organisatie met vernieuwing en innovatie als belangrijkste stuwmotoren. Deze eigenschappen zoeken we in de eerste plaats bij onze medewerkers, want zij liggen aan de basis van deze vernieuwingsprocessen. 186 more words

Mitsubishi Electric Automation: Technical Service and Support (TSS) - CNC Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric Automation strives for swift turnaround on all repairs. An ultrasonic cleaning method is utilised to treat and clean merchandise prior to becoming d… … 40 more words

Are Humans Becoming Obsolete?

Given that today is the final day of classes for my undergraduate degree, I am in somewhat of a reflective mood. Over the past four years I have spent thousands of dollars, and, arguably more importantly, a fair amount of my limited time on this green Earth attending University. 1,229 more words

Digital Economy

Do Unto Others

At this stage in human history, one would think that we have a pretty good idea about human nature and its effect on the way people think and act. 2,672 more words


Business Evolution

This Presentation tells the full business evolution story articulated below.

Several key drivers have positioned the next two decades to deliver a staggering – perhaps unprecedented – amount of change. 561 more words

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