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Data in Real Time Key To Savings

The future of shipping lies in having the technological expertise to measure vessel performance in order to achieve optimal fuel efficiencies and support regulatory demands. Given the increasing fuel costs and environmental pressures on compliance, freight rates are now very close to operating costs, leading to razor-thin margins, and, in many cases, operating losses. 872 more words


So far this semester we have explored the many different effects of the growth of technology on our world. We have become a “digital America” in which people rely on various different machines and technologies to complete daily tasks. 193 more words


The 5 criteria for choosing work for a crowd computing pilot test

Crowd computing as a method of work is catching on at the enterprise level. More and more businesses in financial services, eCommerce and healthcare are turning to intelligent software to automate repetitive work and source, train and quality-control crowdsourced workers to complete core knowledge processes. 455 more words


Communicating with an Alien ALR-8800 RFID reader using Python's telnetlib

Very simple script that automatically enters the default username and password for the reader. The user can then enter commands and the results will be printed to the screen. 113 more words

3rd Year Final Project

Rinse and Repeat! Working with Modelbuilder Iterators

Modelbuilder is often an afterthought to most GIS analysts, however, it can be a powerful tool when it comes to building and replicating complex workflows, as well as automating those boring, tedious tasks. 507 more words

Next Generation Automation

This next post in the analysis of disruptive scenarios focuses on next generation automation enabled by combinatorial innovation. By way of reminder, the visual below depicts a convergence of innovations that have historically been viewed in isolation. 2,268 more words


Microsoft Orchestrator Maximum Size of Parameters

A while back I was working on creating a Custom Self Service portal for our company that included a lot of things which I wont detail right now and will leave it for another post :) 149 more words