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Hitched Up?

Looking for a trailer hitch  we have the answers. With all the summer time activities whether it be boating, camping or biking at Jim’s Auto we offer a wide selection to choose from. 

This is the fastest car in the World!

As some people know that the fastest car in the world is Bugatti Veyron.
Bugatti Veyron is a very special car. It’s the pinnacle hypercar. Everybody knows for past few years until recently Ferrari, Mclaren and Porsche has shown us their flagship hypercar for example LaFarrari,P1 and 918 spyder.


Expert Fixer Tip: Use a Hose Clamp to Remove A Stuck Oil Filter

Oscaro’s openGARAGE brings you weekly Fixer Tips from our automotive experts to keep your car running smoothly and safely.

Expert Fixer Tip #15

Put a hose clamp on an oil filter to help remove it. 283 more words



Blink, blink, blink and tell me in which direction goes the wind. I know it does not have so much sense in this context but it is catchy :)

Esther Lopez

daily prompt: road tripping


There is nothing better than hopping in the car and heading out to parts unknown. Parts known is good, too. I love to sit in the back with my head resting on the open window and catch the breeze as it blows back my ears. 35 more words

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