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The Beginning

Dizzy. Head…spinning. Darkness.

I’m on the floor.

What just happened happened to me?

The thoughts that flashed across my mind as I stood up from crouching in front on the TV.

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Autonomic Nervous System

Cough Tablets With Thermopsis – The Test of Time

Cough tablets with thermopsis have been used for many years. And today, despite the presence of more modern pharmacies in cough medicines, they are invariably popular. 9 more words

invisible illness week 2014 - 30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

Because this week is National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week, I’ve decide to complete the 30 Things About My Invisible Illness from Invisible Illness Week’s website (link below. 3,276 more words

Interpreting new medical information

How do we find reliable information and not freak out when given a new diagnosis?For those of us with multi-systemic conditions new diagnoses are pretty much par for the course, but our laid back attitude to new conditions is won from experience. 3,206 more words


Let's do this, shall we?

Well. Here I am.
I decided to give blogging a shot, in the hopes that maybe (just maybe) something I write as I progress through my days will connect with someone out there, and that maybe (just maybe) I would be able to help said person in some way. 507 more words



What do a 2,500 year-old monk and a modern-day ninth-generation military woman have in common? Besides some common thread of humanity, on the surface it may not seem like much. 1,285 more words