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The Only Thing We Have to Fear

“The only thing we have to fear…is fear itself”

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
(First inaugural address)

Fear. What is it? Fear is an emotional response to a threat either in the present or future, which is perceived as a risk to one’s life. 694 more words


Fear is life force... (in clinical circles it's often called anxiety) - also an IT GETS BETTER post

I didn’t write this post intending for it to be part of the It GETS BETTER series, but I realized that it fits there nicely. So to see the rest of those posts visit:  1,878 more words

Mental Health

PoTS: A Prologue

In January 2014, after months of worry and speculation I was (finally) diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS).
I know – I hadn’t heard of it either. 121 more words

Autonomic Nervous System

Resting in Stillness

All life is composed of cycles – expansion/contraction, opening/closing, going outward/going inward. Since the beginning of human existence, the most basic cycle has been that of waking and sleeping – the division between day and night. 802 more words

Autonomic stabilisation (attempt #3)

I’ve written before about my autonomic issues, tests and attempts at autonomic stabilisation, but recently I realised something pretty awesome! I should have seen it months ago but I guess I’m a slow thinker! 1,505 more words


can stretching the back of your head make you feel better? ~ healing note #4

When you have a chronic illness like Lyme and other related conditions, people have no idea how desperate you become to feel normal again.

And unfortunately, there’s a fine line between innovative health therapies and quackery.  1,116 more words

Chronic Illness