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Another Fine School Day

My car has been poorly with a perforated exhaust for around the last eight months. Almost every day I’ve asked myself whether I’m well enough to drive a few minutes to Falkirk to get it fixed. 280 more words


The PoTS* Way

I woke up really early as
The birds began to sing
As sun rose over horizon
All weak and watering
You know?  That glazed look that she wears… 261 more words


Every Day's A School Day

Fear, anxiety, worry, uncertainty or whatever you want to call that peculiar feeling of unease are woven inextricably into the fabric of my illness. Every day at some point I will ask myself the twin questions: Can I manage that and will that do me any harm? 482 more words


Nasty Surprise

The quaint aspect of this illness is that no sooner do you think you’ve experienced it all when along comes another nasty to surprise me. I had an episode this week which has set me thinking about how my body behaves and what I can do to persuade it to become what I’d like it to be: flexible, adaptive, coherent, energised and stable as described by Dr Daniel Siegel. 1,046 more words



In the past week alone I’ve had a fair smattering of life’s slings and arrows. I can’t go into much detail as they involve other peoples’ business but suffice to say that a couple were notice of serious ongoing issues, a couple involved poor behaviour on the part of folk, one or two were reminders of just how ill I am, and another was quite amusing. 399 more words


Sun. In Scotland. In March.

If you’re thinking the photo above appears to be taken from a rather strange angle, you’d be right. I snapped this on my phone on Tuesday while lying on my back on the trampoline in my back garden. 266 more words


"I wrote a new story for my nervous system" -- neurosculpting, neuroplasticity

This is so EXCITING. I listened to this with such complete and total delight. This interview with Lisa Wimberger is, in large part, what I have been creating for myself…not even understanding all aspects, which means that listening to this interview was BRAIN CANDY too. 481 more words

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