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One Day You'll Understand

Someday you’ll wake up alone.
And you’ll understand that the soul is stale.
That inside you Aisberg of floes .
And all you’ll be want is feel the warmth… 202 more words


Neue Blogerfahrung - Test-Blogger.

Das hat sich vor Kurzem entwickelt und ist wirklich eine ganz neue Erfahrung für mich. Ich bin wirklich gespannt, wie ich mich dabei machen werde und ob es mich auf irgendeine Art und Weise weiterbringt. 395 more words


Evoked Strong...

We fall asleep late at night

And sleep only a few hours.

Maybe we are not people at all?

Maybe we are some kind of owls?


Wake up with me

Wake up with me in the mornings.
How is it that the world is fleeting!
I would give everything of eternity
For our instant meeting. 148 more words


And It Was So

It was so – I loved and suffered.

It was so – I could only dream about it.

I saw her often in my dreams… 179 more words


Pessimistic realism

Enough sensitivity!

The World is a butchery…

Planet it’s not ball, it roaster … I’ll basicly:

If you’re alive, hence to be hurt … occasionally. 9 more words


For mine...

He sings – and sounds melt
like kisses on the lips,
He looks – and heaven playing his
divine eyes;
He goes, and all his movements,  22 more words