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My mode of Public Transport.

The preferable mode of transport to go around bangalore apart from your own vehicles would be to travel in Cabs or Taxis. The most exciting part is that these vehicles come to the place you desire and want, called the pick up location. 315 more words


Boys get and forget

Boys get and forget – Girls give and forgive

I really don’t know what the Auto-rickshaw driver means by “Boys get and forget – Girls give and forgive.” If we have to interpret, we can come up with lot of meanings. 95 more words


They are Angels on Three Wheels


S RADHAPRATHI says that it is touching to find that we have not lost the knack of forming a bond with people despite the fact that urban culture is more along the lines of each to his own. 641 more words

Published Articles

Fast and Furious: Bangalore Drift.

As part of a class assignment, we had to attend the recently concluded Bangalore film festival, or “Biffes”, as it is referred to by most people. 452 more words

Too much Traffic?

There is so much traffic in bangalore that it takes up so much time to travel between short distances as well. Travelling four to five kilometers can take up to an hour or even more during peak hours. 188 more words


365 Places: Fort Cochin

Day 182, Fort Cochin, Kerala, India

Fort Cochin is such a fabulous place, I don’t know where to begin to describe how wonderful this place really is. 209 more words


Sleeping with Strangers

I arrived in Cambodia in April as the sun set and rode to my hostel in what was undoubtedly the best designed tuk tuk in Asia. 1,031 more words