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This morning which began very early for me, has been some kind of morning! Can anyone relate?  I did hear a great report on the morning newscast that today was National Coffee Day, which believe me, I took full advantage of …I am now on my second pot… So anyway, my mind was just reeling with great and wonderful Blog ideas to lift and encourage my wonderful attentive readers, but for some reason, they left me, not immediately but simultaneously as I began thinking about which one to write about…so the following is what I have come up with. 867 more words

Early Autumn at Sundance

Recently during a cooler, yet sunny, day we decided to take a drive up in one of the many canyons nearby our home. Sundance Resort… 196 more words


Cards for the Day: Have Faith. The Tumult of Mercury Retrograde Will Do Us All Some Good. Or: Why I Think Mercury Retrograde Is Totally Awesome!!

“Nooooooo! Not Mercury retrograde! AGAIN!!” Yes, Mercury retrograde. And yes, it’s a big, intense one. Officially starting on Saturday, but as you may have noticed, it’s been here for a couple of weeks now, at least. 438 more words

Cards For The Day

Ready to Drop

These slackers are ready to drop, whereas most of their cousins were still green and hanging on.