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Plum relish... a little tango for your tastebuds

The late summer stone fruits are with us, and being late in the season, are not as gorgeous as their earlier siblings.

So here’s a little dish which straddles late summer and early autumn, when the evenings are still warm, and the days humid. 233 more words


Spitikos Domatopoltos

Greek Tomato Paste

In Greek: σπιτικός ντοματοπολτός
Pronounced: spee-tee-KOHS doh-mah-toh-pol-TOHS

I tried two different tomato paste recipes this year, but the Greek version is far superior in flavour.  399 more words

South Head

(Almost) Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Hello there bakers!

This recipe came about because of a desire to bake with vegetables.  Everybody knows baked goods made with vegetables are 100% healthy and nutritious, right?  755 more words