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My Favorite Autumn Book for Toddlers Through Kindergarten

Child of Faerie, Child of Earth is my favorite autumn story for children. ¬†Jane Yolen’s enchanting poetry and Jane Dyer’s radiant watercolors weave a spellbinding tale of friendship that bridges two worlds as different as night and day. ¬† 269 more words


Shower Time Pt. 2

Nothing better in the world to cure the stresses of the world than a nice hot shower…so I thought. I had a killer headache and was low on energy. 108 more words


Mommy I Pooted!

This is possibly the worst statement you can ever hear your child say..but I heard it. I had just gotten off of work, and I was relaxing on my couch. 125 more words


Princess the Warrior Mermaid

Autumn told me today she is not Autumn. Today she is Princess the warrior mermaid.
I don’t even want to know.


Why My Kid is an Asshole

Reason #1

I was in a rush this morning for work, so I crammed all of my books and papers into my daughter’s tote bag. It’s a medium sized pink and brown polka dot bag. 134 more words


Bath Time!!

So..Autumn’s in my room watching a movie, so I decide to try to relax and take a bubble bath. Not even ten minutes passed by before she comes running, ass naked with a smile on her face, talking about, “You made a bath for me?!?” 33 more words


Kitties and Headlocks

Autumn is crying….wants to know why her kitty doesn’t love her anymore.

Well, Autumn, kitties usually don’t enjoy repeatedly being put in headlocks.