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Cat Food in My Kool-Aid

Sometimes kids do bad ass shit that you cannot explain. For some reason, for me, there’s nothing like a cool glass of Kool-Aid. I go into the kitchen and grab the pitcher. 116 more words


A Week In Autumn

It began as bleak as anything could be. Going on day four of solitude, alternating between pacing the room, writing down everything frantically for posterity, for clarity, for any idea of what to do next, then curling up in a fetal position under a pile of down blankets, I was running empty on my own resources. 2,312 more words

City Stories

Pilgrim Weather

I have this memory.

I don’t know if I dreamt it, or if it is an event that actually happened.

It was a pilgrim weather day, but I don’t know, it could have been in March, it could have been in December. 975 more words

Autumn Stories

Ghost Stories

“Toscha, I think we have a child ghost,” my brother confided in me after a recent move to St. Charles, MO. I have the kind of family that has ghosts. 3,638 more words

Autumn Stories

That Awkward Moment..

…when you want to eat something really good..but can’t because your kid is on a strict soup & jello diet because they’re sick..and you’d feel bad eating REAL food in front them.



Sounds in the Night

There are so many great signs that fall is around the corner…you don’t need a pile of leaves.  Here in east county, I look forward to those sturdy east winds that begin this time of year.  374 more words


My Favorite Autumn Children's Book

Child of Faerie, Child of Earth is my favorite autumn story for children.  Jane Yolen’s enchanting poetry and Jane Dyer’s radiant watercolors weave a spellbinding tale of friendship that bridges two worlds as different as night and day.   269 more words