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So what is BEDA?

You might have seen in my post ‘so what’s next?’ that I am going to be working in Madrid through the BEDA programme.

So what exactly is BEDA? 271 more words


6 tips for finding an apartment in Spain

Finding a flat (or an apartment) in a foreign country isn’t easy, trust me I have done it in Spain and Italy. In those searches I have learned a lot, so here are some tips to make the search easier for you and to remind myself what I need to do in Madrid at the end of August. 590 more words


Vayan tomando nota

Hay varias formas de vengarse de un auxiliar que te cae mal. Esta es una:


5 reasons I'm excited for Spain!

Okay, so there are loads of reasons why I’m ridiculously excited about going to Spain in September but I’ve came up with the best ones for me! 233 more words

Beauty Tips for Girls Coming to Espana

So it’s been awhile, am I right? I’m much better at instagramming pictures than I am blogging. Anyways, today I was thinking about all the beauty struggles I’ve gone through in Spain and I wanted to write a post for future auxiliares or girls living in Spain with some tips. 623 more words


European City Breaks

Ok so Rio is pretty awesome, but already my feet are getting itchy to go on some city breaks and start exploring. Never thought I’d say this, but Ryanair, I miss you and your yellowness and stupid song that plays when we’re on time! 407 more words