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not all that glitters is gold...or is it?

Four years ago I came to Rio on vacation with my mom. We knew about the crime and definitely felt a little unnerved upon arrival, but as soon as we checked into our ocean front hotel we smiled and left our worries behind as all good gringos do. 632 more words


… is waking up 30 minutes before I’m supposed to be at work to an alarm clock I conquer every morning by not succumbing to the heart attack it nearly induces, “with a lightness in my step, and a song in my bones”. 326 more words


Perception or the Passage of Time

Something I wrote 3 months ago…

i’m feeling uninspired, foggy, and a little bit horny. Blame it on the chillstep. But no, don’t blame it on the joint, because right now it’s the only thing keeping the anxiety from the writer’s block away. 191 more words


10 Things All New Auxiliares Should Know

I remember last year at this time when I was thinking about doing the Auxiliar de Conversacion program in Spain. I had about a million questions running through my head, and I felt like every blog post I read or facebook group post I read was giving me some solid answers, but also some mixed answers on a few different topics. 1,113 more words


It's been a while...

You guys, it’s been a while. I mean a long long while. And though I’ve thought of my blog frequently I’ve totally neglected it – which is a bummer because I think I had some loyal followers… are you guys still out there? 72 more words


¡Bienvenidos a mi vida!

After living in Spain for 6 months, I’ve finally started a blog!! I realize I’m a little late in the game but hear me out! This blog will detail my adventures thus far, and the many more to come. 535 more words

The Here and Now

The here and now is Uleilacity, as I like to call it, in Almeria, Spain. It is teaching English to uninterested but precious little brats, writing, and traveling – a clearer path to happiness. 373 more words