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List of Auxiliary Verbs Infographic + Quiz

By Jacqueline Schaalje

Auxiliary verbs sounds very complicated, but all it means is helping verbs.

What are they helping? They are helping the main verb in a sentence. 221 more words

Sometimes you really do need a bit of emphasis!

Dopo aver superato i primi problemi di mettere insieme qualche frase in inglese e portare avanti una semplice conversazione, una delle prime cose di cui si sente presto la mancanza è la capacità di poter dare la giusta enfasi al proprio enunciato. 504 more words


Auxiliary Noughts and Crosses

Students always have problems asking short questions with auxiliary verbs.

Do they? Yes.

These questions that show interest, surprise or just keep a conversation going are vital when you can’t think of anything to say (or need time to think how to say it). 517 more words


Auxiliary Verbs

A husky Cambodian pulls his moto across traffic along Battambang Cambodia’s riverside promenade. “Excuse me, do you speak English?” It’s a ridiculous question to ask a tall American and his blond daughter. 504 more words