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EVSE Manufacturers and Networks Infographic

The rising demand for EVs in the United States and the metro Atlanta area is driving a necessary expansion in EV supply equipment (EVSE), or “charging stations… 50 more words

EV Charging Stations

Points Of Power: Renew Your Mind Intentionally [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

To prevent yourself from going back to your old ways, you have to renew your mind intentionally. Listen to the audio player to hear Yolanda Adams… 131 more words

Yolanda Adams

AV’s Say What: How Old Is Too Old To Have A Roommate? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Having a roommate in college, and even a little bit after is one thing. But there comes a time when having a roomie isn’t the move.   124 more words

Yolanda Adams

AV’s Say What: Family Values To Pass On To Your Children [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Values have been passed down from generation to generation. AV wanted to know what values our listeners are passing down to their own children. Listen to the audio player to hear what they are teaching them in this edition of  113 more words

Yolanda Adams

Electoral reform 2 - Why we need proportional representation

Welcome to my second post in my section on electoral reform. In my last post, I discussed why First Past The Post (FPTP) is such a bad voting system, and that we lost out by choosing to retain it over Alternative Vote (AV) in the referendum in 2011. 2,051 more words

AV's Say What: Would You Participate In A Church Lottery? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Do church and lottery even belong in the same sentence?!  AV whether they would play or pray if their church had a lottery. Listen to what they said in this edition of  101 more words


Points Of Power: Being Saved Requires This… [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Being saved isn’t as complicated as we try to make it. Listen to the audio player to hear Yolanda Adams and AV discuss the one simple requirement to salvation that doesn’t exclude anyone in this edition of… 105 more words

Yolanda Adams