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Java Programming - Circular Array

Can anyone tell me where I did wrong? My Queue class is working like a Stack, not a Queue. If I enqueue 1, 2, and 3 (in that order) and then dequeue, it removes the 3, not the 1. 616 more words

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Bigger than the sky

Sometimes I forget about this blog and then I come back and remember how far we’ve come.  Remember when we only had 2 kids?  Remember when we slept through the night?   425 more words


Diva dishes on GH 11-21-2014

We now know that Lord Ashton is working with Jerry Jax. The question of who Fluke is still remains a mystery but with Faison not being where Anna said he was I have to wonder if he is Fluke. 322 more words


Day 126 / The Banter of My Girls

Listening to the banter of Alexa and Ava cracks me up and warms my heart.  Tonight they came with me to pick up dinner.  That’s when their banter is most precious – when we’re all in the car together.  79 more words

The Nelligan Family

What a cute little family! So much fun taking family photos of Dan, Liz, and their adorable little one, Ava. So much cuteness!!!

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One of my favorite blogs is known for occasionally submitting “WORDS” in place of actual commentary, as if real sentences can’t do justice to the ridiculousness of the situation. 390 more words


Infusion Nursing Roundtable

I recently had the honor of participating in the RNFM Radio Infusion Nursing Roundtable with my colleagues, Ann Earhart, current INS president; Jim Lacy, current AVA president; and Sharon Weinstein, a past president of INS and past Chair of Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC). 63 more words

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