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Avalokitesvara Carving

W55xD45xH100mm, China

This is a hone carving of the Avalokiteśvara (Guan Shi Yin).  

Like all early civilizations, animal hones were used to make utensils as well as hair accessories.   26 more words


Guan Yin is not another Virgin Mary, and the Virgin Mary is not a mother goddess

Some commentators, usually Christian or New Age, believe that the Buddhist entity Guan Yin and the Christian Virgin Mary are similar if not almost identical. Here I use this opportunity to tell you how they’re not. 445 more words


Sound vs Silence - and letting go of both in your meditation - The Shurangama Sutra

In the Shurangama Sutra, the Buddha gives a simple, real life example.

Ring a bell – diiiing….

You hear a sound.  And then the sound gradually fades away – until there is no sound anymore: 537 more words

Avalokiteshvara Buddha

Avalokiteshvara Buddha, Chinese sculpture.