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Lonesome Review: Father Murphy - Pain is on our Side now

By: Chip McCabe

How do you define the undefinable?  How do you attempt to put into words the aural psyche of an artist apparently intent on some level of mass hypnosis?  514 more words

More Guitar In The Monitor

[Sensory Replication Series] - 'The Depths' - (1971-2013)

Continuing the tradition of Musicophilia’s most adventurous (and admittedly, least popular) mixes, the ‘Sensory Replication Series,’ comes ‘The Depths’.  Like its predecessors, this mix seeks to create an immersive experience through a virtual landscape.  362 more words



walled off and in, the breadth and depth of the undeterminably vast expanse. rolling hills and dunes, shifting and growing with the winds. waving banners and signal fires, outposts in the barren lands. 80 more words

Creative Writing

The Possibility of Criticism Under the Existing Conditions

Now and then I remember a debate about the possibilities for an independent critical avant-garde literature in our society because of the last words from one of the debaters: »If there is anyone out there (I know there is some) who wants to maintain a critical approach to his project, let’s hope this claim is not 100 pro cent true: if you let them (his opponent, my remark) publish you, the critical potential for your literature will be gone. 136 more words

Book: Surrealism and the Occult [note: shameless self-promotion!]

Published soon: Surrealism and the Occult. Occultism and Western Esotericism in the Work and Movement of André Breton. By Tessel M. Bauduin. Published by Amsterdam University Press, 1 September 2014.

Calls For Papers

Hunger Games - District 9

Another sneak peek at the fabulous outfits for Opium Evolutions “Hunger Games”

“District 9, Tribute Man” outfit by EF Designs

Also Worn:

Madrid Solo -  “Legend” eye makeup… 23 more words