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Logos, Emblems, Avatars, and Insignias

In the strictest sense, these are all pretty much the same thing. There are some subtleties as to when you should use one word or the other, but for the purposes of my blog I will probably use them mostly interchangeably, except that I usually try to refer to corporate logos, social network site avatars, and clothing/uniform insignias. 211 more words


Frogahkiin contre l'Atrophié

Avant nos pérégrinations sur le Royaume en Carton, nous avions un autre serveur Minecraft, c’était à l’époque de la mise à jour incluant le deuxième boss du jeu, l’Atrophié. 254 more words


New Location for Main Store

Emsland… I have 2 stores here, 1 for Furniture & Furnishings & 1 for all Fashions


The Evening Post: Furthermore: The Return of Bronies, Homestuck, Avatars, Hipsters & Old Memes

The YouTube channel PBS Idea Channel is trying something new called Furthermore.  And I think this a great idea!  In this episode, they went back to their five most popular Idea Channel videos and responded to new comments and ideas from those videos.   52 more words

The Evening Post

Never Nether

Un arrivant du second casting ? Voici le plus nabot d’entre nous, l’adepte des grottes bien droites et de l’or si gay friendly, j’ai nommé … 147 more words


Pirate Week in There! Wenches vs Seadogs Events for Monday

Monday, September 22nd Pirate Events

Be Ye A Pirate Hosted by nickie08
Category: Quests
Description: Are you a Pirate? Think you can make it to the treasure map for a great prize? 219 more words


Royaume en Carton CAST#1

Vous l’avez compris (ou pas), je perds pas mal de temps sur Minecraft. Et en particulier sur le Royaume en Carton. Donc, pour vous aider à y voir un peu plus clair dans les nombreuuuuux dessins prévus sur le sujet, voici un petit inventaire des personnages récurrents de nos aventures. 67 more words