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Holograms and Illusions

In a way, reality is a hologram, a rather sophisticated and stubborn one, but still just an illusion. There are some theories in science that suggest the reason our brains are so big is that they operate as a kind of hologram generator, projecting our own illusions of what is real onto the world. 646 more words

Read My Words

Please, let’s not forget

we used to do this all the time

We’d speak and listen

look into each other’s eyes.

Recognize inflections,

by the tension in your shoulders, 97 more words



The meaning of the name Ulani is Cheerful

The origin of the name Ulani is Polynesian/Hawaiian

Skin: .ARISE. Eva Skin TONE 6
Shape: ReVeRie – SHaPe iReNe… 55 more words


The meaning of the name Sadiya is Lucky

The origin of the name Sadiya is Arabic

Shape: >::SP::< Nutty Shape NEW!
Hair: ILLMATIC :: The House – Noir… 38 more words

Am I Really Hiding Under the Bed…from My Daughter’s Toys?

We live in the age of electronics. Kids are glued to their smart phones, IPads, IPods, Kindles, and laptops. Games, books, movies, and music are all on these devices. 453 more words

Comfy Sofa

New Colour Changing Comfy Sofa with 2 cushion animated sits + MLP for singles & Couples + Book dispenser