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What is a Mantra?

A mantra is a powerful sound, vibration or sacred utterance that is used to tame the wild mind/ego, provide focus and settle the consciousness into a profound state of meditation. 399 more words


I Dinosaurs My First 5k!

I know that sounds like a weird title for a post but it’s a bit of a joke. Last night when I posted about my 5k on Facebook, my phone for some reason tried to autocorrect “I finished my first official 5k” to “I DINOSAURS my first official 5k.” 941 more words


[POEM] Maria

You are daybreak,

the placid beams of golds and ambers,

piercing the trees, bringing life to the earth.

Shades of rose, of caramel and milk… 49 more words

Poetic Nothings

Break Time's Over

Well it’s officially the end of the first week of classes back here at Ave Maria University! This past week went by fast but it also feels like I did a lot of stuff. 835 more words


Take A Music Bath

As we soak in water, we float in sound.

Enjoy floating in this beautiful music bath, gorgeous reader!

Much Love ~ Angela xoxox