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Jolly Old England

I know, I’ve been slacking but the last three weeks or so have flown by in a flash.

So since moving into my flat – it’s the proper British word for an apartment, I had an introductory week, learning the basics of things i would need to know, let’s just say I don’t really remember much about physics, chemistry or maths (They add an s here and I’m not entirely sure why). 765 more words


Stone Soul Places

8 Sept. 2014

I have been having some wonderful STONE ENCOUNTERS since living in Great Britain this year, allowing me to have my first experience with the ancient stone circles. 469 more words


GH4 #44 NWH3 flour bombed to the Stone Age

Good G-Haddies always look to the past for their inspiration so it was inevitable that a ‘hash’ setting a trail in the prehistoric settings near Avebury would attract our attentions. 180 more words

GH4 Trails

Rocks & Rhythms

Settling. It’s a weird feeling to sink into that word “home,” but here it is, in London, for a few more months. I haven’t written in a bit just because I felt like nothing has happened, while at the same time a lot has happened. 424 more words

Stonehenge; Day 11 in England

          Sunday we bought tickets to Stonehenge.  Being one of the most important prehistoric sights it seemed right to visit, even though it was 14 pounds.  Unlike Obama, who visited on Friday, we were unable to go through the stones, but were instead roped off, only being able to see from afar.  259 more words


Dear Wen IX

Dear Wen,

Yes, thanks, I was on the ‘Dad run’ and the weather was good on the Fylde coast… No sign of Man unfortunately but the clear skies gave quite spectacular views of the Cumbrian hills… 246 more words


Here there is time

Every once in a while we find it possible to step outside our usual routines and into a different place to be. Routines are, perhaps, somewhat superficial: being self-imposed in order to give some form to our own lives. 1,046 more words