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Avebury Dig 2014 - Day 7

The weather has thankfully been a little cooler today but much of the ground surface is still like concrete; a fact many of us have the blisters to prove ( if you think archaeology is a glamorous profession think again!) 377 more words

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A Journey to Ancient Wiltshire

Laying his body in its dark chamber, the few tribesmen allowed inside the mound uttered their final words to their chief before returning out into the sunlight where the crowd was gathered. 1,085 more words


Avebury Dig 2014 - Day 6

Sunday most definitely wasn’t a day of rest for our diggers. Part of the team are  working their way through a substantial amount of hill wash in Trench 1. 251 more words

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Avebury Dig 2014- Day 5

We’re making good progress in Trench 2 (the trench we first opened in 2013). So, refreshed from their day off, yesterday the team set to work on Trench 1. 198 more words

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Bathing in Photo Ops

This weekend was another busy weekend. I didn’t leave the country this time, but I did see a lot of it. My classmates and I went to Bath, Glastonbury, Yeovil, Old Sarum, Avebury, and Stonehenge. 661 more words

Avebury Dig 2014 - Day 4

Day Four was as broilingly hot as the previous three, but at least there were some great finds to keep the team going.

The flint knife has got some nice retouch and Josh (Dr Josh Pollard) says it looks like a plano-convex knife and therefore likely to be Early Bronze Age – which is a lot later (perhaps getting on for a thousand years) than most of our finds. 195 more words

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Avebury Dig 2014 - Day 3

Removal of the backfill continued and we’re now down into untouched deposits.

Finds so far have included worked flint, possible Mesolithic bladelets and medieval pottery sherds but it’s early days… 82 more words

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