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Holiday Travels – Part Five

Christmas is just around the corner, and this year I’ll be spending the holiday in Eastern Tennessee.  I doubt that it will be the “White Christmas” of song – temperatures have been just a bit too warm for snow – but it’ll be spent with my dad.  1,709 more words

Everything (Potpourri)

For Those in UK, Opportunity!

Amazon is selling my book Sailors of Stonehenge in UK at almost half price and free delivery. This may be a good opportunity to buy it—provided you like old stones, stars, mystery, archaeology…

Happy winter solstice!

Painting a landscape outside

And finally the rain stopped.  Life at this time of year can get a little busy and when it also rains incessantly getting outside to paint can be a challenge! 1,182 more words


A last visit...

Glastonbury was ready for Christmas, the streets decked with lights and trees. We, of course, were not there for the festivities, but to give the final talk of 2014, the last of the current series in Glastonbury. 533 more words

The Silent Eye

A Neolithic Journey - Magical Mounds

Pilgrimage Trilogy     3 of 3:   Silbury Hill, Wiltshire

Such magical mounds were clearly designed to be visible across the horizon and this massive prehistoric, 130+ feet (40 metres) high, flat-topped hill with its moat, is the largest, man-made mound in Europe, constructed circa 2,500 BC. 785 more words

Earth Transition

Funerary Art Paedophobia

Whether in the context of fieldwork, archives, publications, museums or other heritage context, mortuary archaeologists and those engaging with mortuary archaeology often face the tough, and sometimes unexpected, situation of dealing with the mortal remains and memorials to infants and young children. 900 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

UK Road Trip (Day 3) - Silbury Hill, Avebury Standing Stones, Bath and Dinner in Oxford

After a lovely homemade breakfast with excellent coffee at The Old Forge we packed the car and headed off to see the Standing Stones of Avebury.   922 more words