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Which Avenger will you be today?

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier out in theatres, I have Marvel superheroes on the brain. And I’ve realized that Marvel’s The Avengers is not just a story about a superhero team—it’s a story about communication. 499 more words


First Impressions: X-Men: Days of Future Past

On May 23rd, the X-Men return in X-Men: Days of Future Past.  When I say “return” I really mean it.  Director Bryan Singer has come back to helm the next entry into the mutant franchise.   611 more words

Skottie Young

It’s almost a bit annoying finding new-to-me artists because they are so great and I have the hardest time ever picking the pictures to put in the blog. 90 more words


Preview: The Illuminati Face a Reckoning in Avengers #29 – an Original Sin Tie-In!

This May, the collision of the Avengers and New Avengers is imminent as untold treacheries come finally come to light. Marvel is proud to present your first look at… 274 more words


Comics N Movies #2

This video shows the transition of Marvel comic books into movies. It shows comic book covers to introduce important scenes from movies and uses a soundtrack by Hans Zimmer to help build drama and tension in the scenes. 19 more words


The Two Month Check In Post.

Thursday of last week marked the two month point from when my plane took off in America. It’s crazy. Two months already. Yet when I think about everything that’s happened – all the adventures thus far, the new people, new job, and new surroundings – it feels like it’s been years since I left home. 768 more words