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Just Your Average Day In Hong Kong

Where you always get a good laugh out of locals wearing English shirts.


Day 45.....When you dont drink, what do you hold??

I have heard it a million times and sometimes I have said it myself, that when you stop smoking you miss the action of smoking, of bringing the cigarette to your mouth and having it in your hand…you start not knowing what to do with your hands when you do not have a cigarette to light up.  1,385 more words

Change Of Life

Day 42 Sat on a train on my own...

So I’m off to a festival in Wales today, just a mini one but I’m going childless, a day of being Sam and not mummy. This in itself is normally a great reason for a glass of wine!  251 more words

Change Of Life

The Average Worker Bee

Day in and day out, I punch my card by pushing that “Time In” button every Monday-Friday morning. There are many ways I could look at this in a negative light. 1,708 more words


Day 38 - A sober wedding and too much food...

If you have read my previous blogs you will know I was a little apprehensive about the weekend just gone as I was attending a wedding on Saturday.  830 more words

Change Of Life

Thursday in July

This retirement week has been more about getting things done than it is about having adventures.
Yesterday I finally finished removing the wood chip pile from one of the 3 trees that were taken down in May. 570 more words

Fun With My Best Friend

Day 32 - Birthdays and Celebrations.....without drinking...oh come on now.. really??

I don’t know about you but since I was I say 16.. (give or take a few years) whenever there has been a birthday or a wedding or a celebration of any kind the day is just is not the same without having alcohol involved..without having it planned into the day or night.  1,303 more words

Change Of Life