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SEE THE PIC! How I Keep My Pregnant Wife Happy...

As soon as we hit the six month mark, people have been telling me “She gets whatever she wants”.

It comes in the form of texts, e-mails, Facebook comments and in-person. 102 more words


World's Toughest Job REVEALED!

Here’s a perfect example of how you need to “read the fine print”.  But I guess if you’re desperate for a job, ya’ don’t really do that? 100 more words


South Euclid Man Ordered To Hold "I'm A Bully" Sign

This guy was sentenced for bullying disabled children.  TERRIBLE!  Just curious if this is the kind of sentence we are satisfied with.  Sure it’s humiliating for 5 hours, but would that stick with you and make you never to it again?  43 more words


School Stabbing Victim Hospital Selfie OFFENSIVE??

Nate Scimio was one of the victims in the stabbing spree at a Pennsylvania high school the other day.  While he was in the hospital, he took this selfie and posted it to his Instagram account. 100 more words


VIDEO: Dad Hates "Frozen"...So He Did THIS!!

Maybe we DON’T all love the “Frozen” song?

It certainly gets stuck in my head, but this dad took it to a whole new level. 39 more words


CLICK TO SEE! Katy Perry Dyes Her Hair SLIME Green For Spring...

Katy Perry has been on the rebound from the John Mayer situation with “no name” guys and with Robert Pattinson.

Obviously, whoever she is “dating”, doesn’t have a say in what she does to her hair. 20 more words


THANK YOU! Best Baby Gift We've Gotten So Far? (Not The Crib)

Sure we appreciate things that I’m sure we’ll need like a changing table, “a rubber mat thing” to give your baby a bath, toys, a crib… 60 more words