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Video Of Charlie Sheen Drunk In A Taco Bell Parking Lot

Charlie is back!  Cuz who wouldn’t start filming Charlie Sheen “hammered” in a Taco Bell parking lot, and then ask him to open his shirt to see his tattoos?  54 more words


Weird Al's Parody Of "Royals" By Lorde

He’s gotta’ get an aluminum foil endorsement out of this one!  This could have been an AWESOME Super Bowl commercial.

Love to know what Lorde thinks. 42 more words


Look Who's Preggo!

Apparently Kate Middleton is expecting baby number 2.  Is the world going to be as obsessed with the second baby, just like the first?  Probably not.  61 more words


LeBron James' Coming Home Letter To Fans!

It’s been crazy around the Q104 studios since the LeBron news broke.  So much fun!

Here’s the FULL letter LeBron wrote about his return on SI.COM… 44 more words


Here's How You Get On "The Bachelor"

I guess this means girls AND guys can audition?  They probably have The Bachelor already picked out.  Some D+ list celeb who came in 7th on a competition show that’s like…omg…soooo hot.  78 more words


Girl Accidentally Texted Nude Pic To Her Dad

Yeah, it’s a nightmare come true.  This would be exactly why you don’t take nude pics of yourself.  There are many more reasons why I wouldn’t, but this should probably be the biggest reason. 72 more words


The Top 5 Places In Cleveland

Michael Symon gave his CLE list to andrewzimmerman.com, and gave great reasons for his favorite spots.  They’re not all food, and he picked places other than his own.  86 more words