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John Travolta Is Coming To Cleveland

In the picture shown, I’m pretty sure he’s trying to figure out how to pronounce “Cleveland”.

I typed “Cleveland” in the “John Travolta Name Generator”, and he would apparently pronounce it “Catherine”. 41 more words


Joan Rivers Makes Cleveland Angry...AGAIN!!

Looks like Joan Rivers isn’t living by her own “Let’s get over it” words.  She’s obviously loving the attention.

Here’s what she said now:

“They got to live rent free for more than a decade.” 106 more words


PREGNANT. The Big Question Is...

…when do you sign up for day care?

My wife and I are in the third trimester, and “some people” are saying we need to get signed up for day care, because there are waiting lists? 136 more words


Katy Perry Prank Terrorizes Kids WATCH VIDEO...

Katy Perry was filming her new video…and scared the crap out of kids. 

First problem: She dressed up like a clown.  FREAKY!

Second problem:

She hit a guy with a baseball bat. 55 more words


Work from the present...

As men we are programmed to push ourselves. We often go through adrenaline stoked moments and push through pain.  It is this kind of thinking that Yoga teaches us is not necessarily good for us.   849 more words


The Indians Have A NEW Mascot??

Chill. Slider isn’t going anywhere.  (Although we’re still not sure what Slider is).  Hahaha…I love that “guy”!  Is Slider male or female?  O.K. nevermind.

There’s a new surprise mascot during home games at Progressive Field.  161 more words


Look What Happened To Me On Easter!

It was great having my family over for Easter, because they are always up for anything.  Instead of a fancy Easter feast, we cooked on the grill.  101 more words