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Left Right Left, March On Joes!

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Like how bags are important to complement your whole outfit, what you wear on your feet can make or break it. Often, we tend to overlook the shoes we wear because either we are too consumed with our top and bottom or we take it for granted that shoes are insignificant or we simply rather opt for comfort aka the sports shoes/ crocs combination. 669 more words

Average Joes

Tinkerbell sucks.

I’m not a hag. Ok, possibly a fag hag….. But it don’t mean I’m ugly and yet I seem to have the worst luck. I got all wound about the last guy only to be let down. 535 more words

It's an Inside Job

Answer: It’s an inside job.

Question: What is Sex?

If I read one more article that dumbs down the benefits of a yoga practice for guys to meeting someone to date or hook up with, I’m going to puke. 1,069 more words


Average Joe Fundraiser

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder to pick up your tickets for the Average Joe’s Fundraiser on April 19th with all pre-sold ticket proceeds going to support the playground fund. 169 more words


Awaiting an order in a small market, a moment of beautiful music sweetened the air.

An average Joe, late 30s/early 40s, there with two of his like-aged buddies: had stepped up to the counter. 245 more words

Bag Me Up

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Picking out the right outfit is important and we have covered some tips in the past weeks on how you can do so. To complete the get up, sometimes you may choose to accessorise and one of the ways is to carry a bag. 498 more words

Average Joes