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So here I am....

This is me at the start. I’m not the largest person in the world. I’m not the most in shape either. I’m just your typical overweight American who with age kept on eating like he did in his youth, but failed to adjust while his body did.  543 more words

Starting Off

VIDEO: Average Joe Learns The Secret To Picking Out Youth Furniture At Wayside Furniture's Baby And Kids Building

Before Average Joe‘s wife gave birth to their son Caleb, the couple went out to Akron to visit Wayside Furniture’s Baby And Kids Building – an entire building dedicated to youth furniture. 62 more words


Day one at work

First Post

Today was day one in my training at work. Im really happy that I get paid while I am training, cause at the end of the three weeks, they said they can let anyone go without any paper work, so I totally wanna get that cash just incase. 260 more words

Work Life

Average Joe Baby Announcement: Welcome Baby Caleb Robert!

We’re happy to announce that Average Joe and his wife Kristin welcomed their baby Caleb Robert on June 30 at 9:39pm! Caleb is a 6lb 8oz, 20 inch bundle of joy and both baby, Mommy and Average Daddy are doing just fine! 74 more words


Outifts Ryan Gosling wore which would look terrible if a normal looking guy wore them

Chill homies. Although you will never get anywhere near Ryan Gosling in terms of style game, your girl will never get anywhere near him. Period. 233 more words

By Ardi

Is Samsung Galaxy Tab S the next big thing?

Recently Samsung released a new series of Galaxy Tab called S. This S Series Galaxy Tab is here to take on iPad. Can this tablet be the next big thing for Samsung? 277 more words

One Minute Bathroom Meditation

I know the current topic presented may be funny/not funny. This mini article was inspired by my recent interactions with my patients through my Ayurveda Practice and based upon the proclamation that they “don’t have time to or the ability to meditate.” For whatever reason (which are numerous and equally justified by the ego and monkey mind), many people feel that they can’t do it or have what it takes. 1,389 more words