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Prayer prompt for Friday, Oct. 31

Doesn’t it encourage you to know that the disciples were average, everyday people? We don’t need special credentials to be called by God.



I found out from a young age that money was the cause for a lot of rot in the world.
My parents constantly fought over it and held it over my head growing up ‘I have to pay this’ ‘your mom is taking this much from me’. 430 more words

Why is Balotelli not doing the business??

Liverpool in the summer of 2014 had a major problem on their hands, how do you replace Luis Suarez? He practically carried Liverpool to ever so near championship glory last season and now he has gone to Spain plying his trade in Catalonia. 1,070 more words


Sports Science: NFL Defensive Tackle Kris Jenkins Vs. Average Joe

On Sports Science, NY Jet defensive tackle Kris Jenkins goes up against Sports Science host, John Brenkus. Read about more amazing athletic feats: http://www… 18 more words

voices in our head

I think I overreacted everything on Monday. Now I can think clearer about it. I was right that things bothered me but my reaction was way over normal. 513 more words


How much does an Ice bear weight?


This time’s subject evolves around pickup lines! First things first what is a pickup line? Let’s skip the dictionary and go straight to Wikipedia. 1,004 more words


There's Nothing Special About Today

Today is an ordinary day. I woke up, tired still and not quite ready to face the rest of the world. I am going into work later than usual today, so I drink my coffee and watch talk shows. 231 more words