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The beginning

Averagejoedreaming here.

What does being average mean? Is being average waking up everyday only with the purpose waking up the next one? Is being average just a term for people who throw sh*t days into the accumulated pile of sh*t days until there no longer are any visible meaningful days left? 138 more words


Moving Average in LibreOffice Calc

(I googled a bit and I didn’t find an answer this question, so here it is.)

How do you calculate a moving average of a value over a date range with an irregular sample interval in LibreOffice Calc? 329 more words


Excuses: 34-Sec Ao5

It just takes an on-camera 34-second Ao5 (this one as a submission for Paradox Cubing’s 10k Subscriber Contest) to remind me that well, uh, I kinda suck at this cubing thing. 238 more words


10 Perks Of Not Being Ugly, But Not Being Gorgeous Either

1. It takes less time to get ready than if you were hideous or excessively gorgeous. It’s like, who am I kidding? I can only do so much here, this mirror isn’t being generous, and Taco Bell’s breakfast ends in 27 minutes, so this is just how I’m going to look today. 445 more words

The Last Few Months

It’s mid-September and once again my building has no water. It’s not really a big deal because I’m used to this from travel, but I think the rest of the people with the condo are freaking. 470 more words


Don't Chase the Average Consumer

In my morning post, I talked about how to apply minimalism in doing the sales function. I would like to expound on this topic tonight. 635 more words


So many drafts

I’ve been trying to avoid making this post ever since I started blogging. And as a result I have made many drafts of this post. None of them feel good enough though. 780 more words