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Le lycée Averroès, fleuron des écoles musulmanes

Situé à Lille sud, quartier populaire de la capitale de Flandres, le lycée Averroès est le seul lycée musulman entièrement sous contrat d’association avec l’Etat. Reportage.   854 more words

Google doodle celebrates 888th birthday of Averroes

Today’s Google.ae doodle marks the 888th birthday of Muslim philosopher Averroes.

Abu Dhabi

Snippet: Averroës' 888th birthday on Google

You might have seen it yourself already. Google remembers Ibn Rushd’s (Cordoba, 1126 – Marrakesh, 1198) 888th birthday today. As always, a good starting point for more information is the Wikipedia article.

Hypostatization of the market is similar to Averroes' erroneous monopsychism

It is common to hear people refer to the market as an entity in itself, divorced from the individual economic actors operating within it. Karl Marx had his “commodity fetishism”, Benjamin Graham with his “Mr. 286 more words


Philosopher Fridays: Averroes

This is the first installment of a new series I’m starting called “Philosopher Fridays“. The purpose of this series is not to give a comprehensive overview of any particular thinker, but rather to explain what I find compelling in the work of each, particularly as it informs my view of narrative, language, images, storytelling, and reason. 1,055 more words