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Personal Responsibility

Spider-Man was wrong.

Well, his uncle was, anyway. The maxim “With great power comes great responsibility” isn’t exactly correct. Rather, the reverse is accurate: With personal responsibility comes greatness and personal power. 3,792 more words

Men's Rights

Men's Rights Ironic Activism

Putting aside for a moment that AVFM has full gone into full Conservapedia-Andrew Shlafly mode and created the “AVFM Wiki” page (facts brought to you with an <insert bullshit worldview>  bias!), I find it incredibly ironic that a man… 91 more words

BPD A Men's Health Failure On Every Front

Editorial note: As described on our About page, part of our mission is to encourage discussion and debate on all subject matter related to men’s rights and issues. 2,961 more words

Men's Rights

Trying to Understand the Men's Rights Movement

The Men’s Rights Movement (or MRM, as it will hereafter be referred to as), is an important movement in my opinion. It has raised discussions on important topics otherwise commonly brushed off by North American society. 1,067 more words

Mens Issues

"Bash a bitch": Mansradikalernas kvinnohat

Återpublicerat efter översättning från originalet hos Melinda Tankard Reist, med tillstånd av Caitlin Roper som författat inlägget.

I förra veckan publicerade jag ett inlägg på … 1,500 more words


'Bash a bitch': How Men's Rights Activists Hate Women

Here is a guest post I wrote for Melinda Tankard Reist’s blog.

A Voice For Men: harassing and abusing those who defend women

Last week… 1,293 more words

Detroit and the International Conference on Men's Rights

All comments of an abusive or hateful nature will not be approved for publication on this blog.  If you wish to engage in some friendly debate, feel free.  1,082 more words

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