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Family Court Judges

They sit in
courthouses throughout
the land dressed
like skank’s strut about like
two bit whore’s

Behind the
law they hide like cowards
abuse their… 51 more words

Men's Rights

Independently Dependent

She don’t
need no stinkin man in her
to tell her what to do clean
up after

With a
house full of chitlin’s she’s… 52 more words

Men's Rights


Once upon
a time there was a dad who let his fifteen
year old daughter
go out on a date alone  with an eighteen
year old boy… 170 more words

Men's Rights

The Benefits of Feminism

After five and
a half decades of feminist activism
just how has
our society benefitted from their
social experiment

Today’s average woman
seeks fulfillment in a career making money… 243 more words

Men's Rights

They’re Back

One of the better ideas that came out of A Voice for Men – AVfM –  in regards to activism was the Register-her website. On which the pictures and profiles of feminist  protesters who engaged in disruptive and violent intimidation tactics, used against the guests and invited speakers of a men’s right’s group on a college campus in Canada. 192 more words

Men's Rights

The Elephant In The Room: Male on Male Violence

One of the primary problems with both feminism and the mhrm is their monolithic approach: All men are bad/rapists meme in the case of the feminists and all men are good meme promoted by the mhrn – the only exception being the proxy violence some men engage in on behalf of women. 63 more words

Men's Rights

The Color of the Pill Doesn't Matter, Unless it's Black

Going to assume here you’re familiar with the red pill/blue pill argument.  I’m also just trying to flush out my own ideas here.  I’m not saying for sure this is the way it is. 356 more words


DaPoet reblogged this on Prisoners Of Women’s Dreams and commented:

The are three major problems with the red/blue pill concept in regards to the mhrm:

1) It is not an original concept which demonstrates that those who promote the red/blue pill concept are intellectually lazy.

2) Depending on the issue - male reproductive rights , abortion, male on male violence - those who claim to have taken the red pill are just as intellectually dishonest as the blue pillers they despise.

3) The mhrm is quickly becoming a think like me / talk like me cult that mocks and expels anyone with an independent mind who dares to disagree and point out the moral hypocrisy rapidly infecting the men's movement.