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Welcome, AVFM

Greetings to the MRA hate group, and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay. Here are a few things for you to know: 102 more words

Professor Impelluso Got Hate Mail and Backlash :( Now He's Mansplaining

So the entitled male Engineering professor Thomas Impelluso at San Diego State University has written another misogynist manifesto on women and STEM on A Voice for Men. 1,211 more words


Prof. Emeritus Thomas Impelluso (Mechanical Engineering) from San Diego State Has a Message For the Ladies Trying To Get Into STEM

Math is MALE.

Do you understand that wimminz?

This guy is actually teaching a STEM field at a University. I realized it when he came to my blog today posting comment after comment with his University email address. 1,349 more words


Don’t be THAT guy: Attila goes to Ottawa

BY Jim Byset

AS REGULAR readers of AVfM are no doubt aware, the “Don’t be that Guy” poster campaign has once again raised its bigoted head. 624 more words


Two Teens Sexually Abuse Another Teen with Autism and AVFM Goes Wild On Feminists

Two teenage girls allegedly abused another teenager, a young man with autism. AVFM is wild with rage and even had to delete a very violent comment about feminists and women off the site after posting their own version of the story, which of course involves barking about feminists. 205 more words


AVFM: Math Belongs To Men Ladies Because Men Pee Standing Up

The sexism at AVFM is always fresh and new and it’s not like we haven’t heard that women shouldn’t be in math departments before. AVFM thinks women should just stop already and let the men have their space. 446 more words


Barbara Kay Finally Joins the Hate Site AVFM and Denies Rape Culture

Barbara Kay, a opinion columnist for the National Post, has written her first piece on the misogynist hate site AVFM. I’m glad she’s only an opinion columnist because in her… 770 more words