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All Hallow's Read: The Children's Edition

Just over a week to go until All Hallow’s Read. If you are not familiar with this new bookish Halloween tradition, watch Neil Gaiman explain it here:  459 more words


AngularJS get the ordinal index of ng-repeat item after order-by

If have a piece of HTML using AngularJS the shows a list of competitors:

<div class="item" ng-repeat="competitor in model.competitors | orderBy: 'points' : true">
   <img class="medal" src="images/Gold.png" ng-show="$index == 0 || ($index < 3 && competitor.points == model.competitors[0].points)"/>
   <!-- Here I print the name and some other details of each competitor -->
… 81 more words

The Seer of Shadows by Avi

Recommended by Nicholas R.

What if you could see things that normal people couldn’t see? This book is about a boy who is a photographer. This boy can see spirits. 119 more words


A Queen and her handmaiden.

A queen is nothing without a loyal handmaiden.

Yasum *MESH* SteamWings *EPIC* PITCH
Skerjn Design Junon Collar Silver
Skerjn Design Panty Silver
Skerjn Design Nipple covers in Silver… 108 more words