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Studies examine vaccination strategies for prevention, control of avian flu

(The JAMA Network Journals 7 October 2014) Two randomized trials in the October 8 issue of JAMA examine new vaccination strategies for the prevention and control of avian influenza, often referred to as ‘bird flu.’ This is a theme issue on infectious disease. 32 more words


Swine Pandemic Linked To Human Flu

Epidemiologists at the Center for Disease Control in Stateline have confirmed three more cases of human flu in Hormel’s swine population and have warned farmers to take action or risk widescale pandemic. 405 more words

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More complaining about salmon aquaculture compensation is unmerited

Yet again Blacklocks Reporter resurrected their story about compensation paid out to salmon farmers in Canada last week.

But there isn’t anything new here. They’ve reported this story several times already, but it must have been a slow news day. 716 more words


Children Should be Vaccinated Against Influenza as Soon as Possible

For Release:  September 2, 2013

 The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends all children ages 6 months or older be immunized against influenza as soon as vaccine is available – either with the trivalent vaccine that protects against three strains of the virus, or with a new quadrivalent vaccine that protects against four strains.  302 more words

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It comes around every year, and the message is just as important every time. Ask your doctor when you can begin to make an appointment for you flu shot!