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See the entire contents of an Airbus A320 be recycled in Kevin McCloud's "Supersized Salvage", Channel 4 (UK), 9pm, Thursday 24 April

This is one, perhaps, for readers more interested in the hardware of aviation than the “softer” aspects of flying.

Tonight on Channel 4 (UK), “Grand Designs” presenter Kevin McCloud will challenge a team of three engineers to recycle the entire contents of an Airbus A320 aircraft into reusable consumer products.


Monthly Update - April

Well, April has been a good month. Got the first step of my RAAF application out of the way, got back in the air, have another flight next week and I am ready to begin my aerobatic rating.


Patron Wizards-Episode 7

We talk all about Journey Into Nyx, the next Magic set. Prerelease coming up this weekend, be sure to check out dropzone-games.com for more info on Danny’s prereleases if you’re in the Md area!


The Submarine Search for the Missing Jet Is Almost Done

No wreckage from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been spotted by the unmanned submarine currently scouring the Indian Ocean seabed, despite 90% of the focused search area already having been examined and a search of the remaining fraction underway. 589 more words

Two Floats Depart

Float planes departing Vancouver in rapid succession at sunset. Vancouver, British Columbia.


Baggage handlers behaving badly

I had to laugh at all the fuss this week over a YouTube clip of Canadian baggage handlers tossing luggage around. Travellers from all over the world have been flocking to social media to express outrage over bags being dropped several metres from an aircraft into a luggage bin at Toronto’s international airport. 58 more words