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Inspiration, or, What's in a name?

One of the new blogging buddies I met during April’s Blogging U. course is hosting a Guest Blogger Week over at her place, and today it’s my turn to share! ¬† 77 more words


Avid readers unite!

“Books are proof that humans can do magic…”


As an avid reader I often find myself lost in between the pages of a different world, it’s exciting to me and sadly isn’t experienced by everyone…

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Of books, blankets and balance

I fell sick over the weekend and I cuddled up in my blanket and read books! If there was a silver lining to all that ¬†coughing, body ache, headache, runny nose and the whole ‘dragging down’ feeling, it was reading a novel non stop after a really long time. 270 more words

Open Book

Often times, I feel like I am an open book. A plain simple book with such conspicuous lines, pronounced title and cliche ending. A book that has intricate lines with banality. 371 more words