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First post

This is crazy confusing, so that explains why my blog kinda sucks. Eventually I’ll begin to understand wordpresses software..

I thought I’d start my blog with what I ate for lunch today: 24 more words


More Avocado!


i know i know another avocado but hey its good for you!

A bowl of blueberries and raspberries

Avocado smeared on wholemeal toast

a banananaaaaa!

Health & Beauty

Fear Foods

People are afraid of food.  Women, in particular, have many foods they avoid for no good reason.  I had a friend in college who would not try an avocado. 309 more words

Dietary fats: Know which types to choose--Mayo Clinic

Over the past few years there has been this low fat craze! I will admit, I used to buy into it.. But now as I get more and more information on fats, I realize that you need fat to absorb all the good stuff!! 1,792 more words

Research Research Research

Easy yummy, healthy snacks for work or home

Rice cakes can be used in so many ways. They’re gluten free, and not a lot of substance, but what u add to them can keep you full for a snack. 30 more words

In General...

Spicy Avocado Cream Cheese

L and M don’t return home from work until eleven thirty most nights, and we’re usually hungry. A lot of our midnight snacks go unpublished because, well, it’s midnight and typically we are more hungry than we love posting on our blog. 136 more words