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Moles and Mr Avogadro: Why the Fuss?

Good afternoon.

For the past week, I’ve been teaching the mole concept and conversions between moles, mass, and particles, and even though I remember being somewhat confused by the concept when I was a student, I can’t figure out why this topic is so difficult year in and year out. 137 more words

MYP Science

Chemistry Honors - Classes 19 / 20

Dates (Class 19)

  • Periods B, D: Wednesday, October 1st
  • Period G: Thursday, October 2nd

Dates (Class 20)

  • Period B: Thursday, October 2nd
  • Periods D, G: Friday, October 3rd…
  • 35 more words

Chemistry Honors - Class 18


  • Periods B, D: Tuesday, September 30th
  • Period G: Wednesday, October 1st

Lab Recap

  • Intent of the lab?
  • Counting by mass?
  • Lab format?

New Material – Moles! 10 more words