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...I was asked to elope by an Azerbaijani taxi driver and verbally abused by a Russian tramp

Travelling alone, especially as girl, can get you into situations that can start out awkwardly funny, but turn sour pretty quickly. Here are some suggestions to help you a) to try and avoid any mishaps, and b) to help get you out – unfortunately for me, I had to pick some of these up on my own… 862 more words


11 Dishes And Drinks To Avoid At Your Wedding Reception

Pondering of your wedding reception food? Cease and believe prior to you finalise that menu! No 1 wants poor breath or a bloated tummy on the big day! 36 more words

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Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repair in Champlin, MN with Maintenance

Energy savings

When your equipment is functioning at maximum efficiency, it will consume less electricity; likewise, a poorly-maintained car engine will guzzle more gasoline than it should. 90 more words


Guidelines To Avoid The Argument Before The Wedding

Suggestions to Keep away from the Argument Before the Wedding
Any person who is married knows how challenging it is for positive a wedding preparation, had been married only two folks but that could bother to families outdoors the island. 18 more words

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The Lie Behind the Health Benefits of Olive Oil

iHealthTube.com, Aug 14, 2014

Dr. Peter Glidden discusses olive oil and how that became known as a healthy oil. He offers some research that may show what we’ve been thinking is not exactly correct. 14 more words


4 Mistakes to Avoid When Learning How to Use Facebook for Business

“4 Mistakes to Avoid When Learning How to Use Facebook for Business” by Mike Marko.

When people are learning how to use Facebook for business, it is usually because it’s an unlimited lead source and you can build direct relationships with your pro…