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Food To Be Avoided

Sometimes we get lost in the moment and forget to watch what we eat; that fine but remember that you have a target weight and one slip can change it all. 274 more words


30 Frequent Wedding Fails Each Bride Could Avoid

These 30 common wedding fails, revealed by our real-life brides, could have easily be avoided with a little prior planning. Read on and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes… You have been warned! 24 more words

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Bob Vila Radio: Safer Basement Stairs Avoid Mishaps

If you’re aiming to lessen the risk of accidents in your house, one particular very good location to start is your basement stairs. Here are a handful of ways to make all these trips up and down safer. 22 more words

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Word Of The Day: Parry

Today’s word of the day is parry.
It is a verb that means to deflect, evade, or avoid.
Synonyms of it are hedge, sidestep, skirt, circumvent, dodge, elude, and duck. 114 more words

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Errors To Avoid When Cleaning Stainless Steel Balustrades

Keep away from making these errors and you need to be fine to maintain stain much less steel.
In no way use abrasive cleaners
Based on the surface finish of your steel, abrasive cleaners can lead to scratching. 21 more words

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How to Avoid | Hip Pain | Knee Pain | Joint Pain | Remedy | Langhorne Philadelphia Bucks County - YouTube

How to Avoid | Hip Pain | Knee Pain | Joint Pain | Remedy | Langhorne Philadelphia Bucks County St. Mary Medical Center – Orthopedics Set up an appointment n… 8 more words


About the blessings of Low Carb High Fat

  On LCHF you’re not only allowed but supposed to eat lots of fat like butter and cconut oil

When on a diet I’ve often found it difficult to eat as often as I was supposed to and eat 3 to 6 meals a day whether I felt like it or not. 320 more words