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3 Measures That Can Avoid Your Pup From Becoming Kidnapped

With the wide attain of the web, pet flipping has reached new and harmful heights. Higher priced breeds, such as English Bulldogs, are becoming snatched from the security of their homes and sold for huge funds by unscrupulous folks. 18 more words

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Xxxx gold: The review

so today I continue my travels through the beers of Australia, today I unfortunately take a look at one of the nations favourite tipples, if you have been following me for sometime you may be aware that doesn’t bode well for this beer. 767 more words


20 Things Women Should Avoid While Away At College

Article By: Kallie Provencher

20. Calling Home Too Much. Relying on support to get you through your day, every day, will keep you from growing during your college years. 743 more words


How to Avoid Criticism

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.


14 No No’s When Backpacking a Foreign Country

Every country has their own do’s and don’ts. Depending on religion and political affairs. Patting someone on the head in Cambodia is offensive, or doing the Thumbs up in Brazil is also seen as not polite. 684 more words

The Nightmares of networking - Part 1

Imagine that you are walking into a large room filled with sounds of conversations and laughter. You feel excitement and the thrill, which you feel every time you are expecting to meet new people. 261 more words