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Avoiding the Traps of Depression

A lot of people who have ever felt depressed often feel alone, as if no one understands what they are going through. Kim not only understands, she also knows how to arm you with coping skills to deal with depression. 746 more words

Written By Kim Openo

shaky hands

And so I must bide my time until the queen bee in my unrelenting mind gives some slack, says, ‘That’s enough now. That’s enough avoidance.’

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Gerard and Other Poets

This week will be my poetry week. Who knows, maybe the whole month of September, for that matter. I will post something poetic each time I write.  292 more words

written on coffee, spoken on whiskey (Eulogy)

We are such a privileged group of people to have been so close to such an exceptional person. You don’t meet a Brad everyday, it is a once in a lifetime experience, and I am thankful having had the opportunity. 746 more words


My Garage: Metaphor for Life

Discaimer:  If you usually come here looking for laughs, you might find a few in this post, but you might find it more poignant.  If you hate poignant, you might want to just roll out now.   1,051 more words

Self-Help Through Fury

From 8-18-14

While walking on the sidewalk in the middle of the day, a big, windowless van pulled up beside me and parked. Nervous, and immediately thinking of how to avoid getting assaulted, I cut across a lawn to get away from the street faster. 6 more words

feather ruffling

You never know when ruffling a few feathers might save you from getting knocked over by them.