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I am constantly making goals. I probably come up with a new one everyday. So, today as I was sitting here, avoiding doing anything involving interaction with unknown people, I came up with an idea. 355 more words


all night grocery

instead of the sex talk
I play for my boys
a song
that says
while they
bleep themselves
into the seeing
of a thing… 53 more words


“Our biggest problems arise from the avoidance of the smaller ones.” — Jeremy Caulfield

Video credit: Erica Rot

So let me ask you this, what are you avoiding recently and why do you think you are doing it? 17 more words

Life In General

Some Things That I've Learned About Writing.


1.) This is a business.

You’re going to get told no, you’re going to get rejected,  you’re going to get told to fix this that or the other thing and none of that is personal, that is about the work. 700 more words

Avoidance and Trauma Therapy

What does avoidance have to do with trauma therapy? Avoidance is a common coping strategy. In psychotherapy, when we talk about avoidance we mean strategies for avoiding unwanted or uncomfortable feelings. 309 more words


Just For Today ...

Let your definition of play expand this week, as you find the fun side of everything you do.

Did you know that the rough-and-tumble play of children actually prevents violent behavior? 227 more words