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August 2012

I continued to feel that a face to face meeting would bring this whole fantasy to a reality were closure would be possible. I was still missing records, so my husband agreed to try to set this meeting up with D. 523 more words

Abused By Therapist


Communication is so easy

Facebook, Twitter, text, phone

a millions way to message instantly:

No excuses for

your silence.

(I could also have entitled this, “Call Your Mother!”)  ;-)



When the business disappears and all that remains is you and the stillness, everything you’ve been avoiding comes to the surface. Not only does it come to the surface, but it starts to overflow and the emptiness and confusion start to consume. 116 more words

Eight Steps for Getting It Done When You're Depressed

I LOVE my dog. I adore her. But walking her – especially first thing in the morning and right before bed, is a huge pain in my ass. 491 more words

Day 62

A beautiful day here in Melbourne today. On my way home I passed an older guy in a wheelchair/ buggy thing and he was looking at everyone seemingly like he wanted them to acknowledge him. 116 more words


Flare up No. 1....UGH!

Well, I went about a month before having my first dyshidrotic eczema flare up.  Here’s a gallery of it; thankfully this is verrrrrry minor in comparison to the blisters I had throughout the summer.  439 more words

Eczema Diary

When you least expect it

I’d thought I was doing really well handling my PTSD symptoms.  Turns out I’m only actually good at handling them when there are no triggers. 746 more words