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Self Preservation Overload.

My thoughts are all on me
Trying to analyze, understand, fix, cope, avoid.
My whole life has been about prevention
When it’s cold and your teeth rattle with shivers, you put on a warm coat… 113 more words


blah . . . blah . . . blah

In effort to avoid the incessant whining of Congress, the continued ineptness of the incumbent—in conjunction the propaganda issued by his press secretary; instead, the author will remind in a subtle fashion the soon demise of this nation—oh, you did not know? 106 more words

Booking a Little Golden Hope

It’s just a little book, easily stuffed into a pocket, barely larger than a smartphone really.  But what’s inside is large.

Today’s reading, like each of the others so far, seeps into my mind and wraps a Holy Spirit hug around my heart. 357 more words


Avoidance, It's Not About You

Each day brings with it it’s own set of struggles, and each day it is different.

Those everyday activities can become overwhelmingly difficult for the childless mother. 337 more words


Intoxicated energy.

Always such a rush to intoxicate,
The bottom of the bottle,
Just cannot wait.
You’re not looking for answers,
As you’re too scared to ask the questions. 76 more words

Creative Writing

Jones v. Simon

(W.D. Ky. July 24, 2014)

The district court affirms the bankruptcy court’s finding that the creditor’s claim was not a secured claim. The agreement giving rise to the creditor’s claim did not evidence an intent to create a security interest in proceeds of the bankruptcy trustee’s settlement agreement with a preferential transfer defendant. 53 more words


Barclays Implicated in US Tax Scams

A US Senate committee report has said Barclays bank was involved in dubious dealings to let help hedge funds avoid tax. The details of the basket option deals used are quite technical, suffice to say private tax avoidance at public expense. 57 more words

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