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The Ultimate

set aside if you can, at least from the fretting angle. ask for Loving Kindness help: the ultimate counselor!

Right Brain

College Days (Part 2)

Apologies, I’m back a day later than promised to carry on describing my two years of college and social anxiety.

At college I became an expert at avoiding people- not out of dislike for themĀ at all, but because I was afraid of being at a loss for words in conversation or of getting tongue-tied. 771 more words


How much love are you giving all areas of your life?

I listened to a great blog interview with two of my fav peeps yesterday: Connie Chapman & Julie Parker . They were talking self love & all things life. 435 more words

Avoidance & Learning

I am witnessing the demise of my mother. My mother is 84 years old and in moderate health. She is slightly overweight, 30 pounds or so, with high blood pressure. 984 more words



Avoidance is emptied thought,
Of disorientation
From collision, time and again.
Those school words:
Erosion andĀ attrition
Meant of stones and trenches
Wreak concussion
Upon humans. 135 more words

My Poems

poem- out in the rain


I have patience to tolerate

your negative energy.

I can listen to your whining


without comment.

I can ignore your

ignorance, and gently… 73 more words


A Miserable Dream

I had a sad dream last night. It was strange and heartbreaking enough that I want to cry thinking about it now.

In my dream I was married to my current boyfriend, and I had found out I was pregnant. 317 more words