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The Dating Game

“Be Here Now”

Ray Lamontagne

Don’t let your mind get weary and confused
Your will be still, don’t try
Don’t let your heart get heavy child… 1,345 more words


I'm *not* in denial, You are!

I hate solitude and I fear intimacy. For a long time I couldn’t figure out the reason behind this apparent oxymoron. Imagine my heart being a haunted house; I’m scared of the evil that lurks behind doors and under stairs, so I need to make a lot of clamour and noise to drown this fear. 657 more words

Midnight Nothings

High all the time to Keep you off my Mind....

I really appreciate Wednesday.  Since taking a job that is NOT retail, I can appreciate the weekend so much more then I ever have before.  I worked in retail for almost 15 years, so in over a decade I can look forward to a nice Saturday and Sunday away from a long day at the office.   1,765 more words


Today has been sort of blah.  Like a light grey cloud of depression suspiciously following me around, but not pouring rain on my head.  I woke up a lot like yesterday, same mindset, same mood.   112 more words

Background Information

The Bridge that could not..

I have heard it said “if you want friends, do not build walls, build bridges”. But if you have ever felt depressed or under stress, you may have noticed that you did not really feel very sociable.  824 more words

Interesting Items

Puss Problems

Most of my life, the only way I’ve known how to spend time alone with myself was masturbating. I can still spill an afternoon’s worth of creative energy on my sheets, and although I may not have written a word, I tell myself, at least I got in touch with something. 1,692 more words

Female Sexuality

Day 90

I have had a break in writing about my 100 days of connecting. Officially the 100 days are up, but as I have only completed writing up 89 days, i want to finish, so consider i have been on holiday and am back for the last few days. 239 more words