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Horror Typography For Poster Design

Horror Font types i have selected

To help understand the task more we had to find 15 different fonts (preferably relating to the horror film you have chosen) from any source on the internet and bring them together in one document to show the research we have gathered. 467 more words

A Local's Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Halloween Horror Nights At Universal Orlando

The tips you are about to read below have been compiled from many years of being a super fan of this event, insider information from Universal Orlando employees, and from listening to you the person that has waited… 527 more words


Movie Posters for Both Titles Selected

AVP (Aliens Vs Predator)

This poster collection shows a range of imagery used to represent Aliens Vs Predator the film, the 1st film poster is the Chinese version of the films depiction beleived to have been designed in 2002 for publication, the 2nd is a European film poster (mostly used in England) designed and released in 2002, the 3rd is the French version of this film publicized in Paris and other parts of France to promote this film and show the art work, the 4th is the Blu-Ray cover for this film (cover was designed on the 23rd of January 2007) which highlights the aliens face as the focused image centred, the 5th is another cover but for the collectors edition of the film set therefore displaying different artwork tot hat of the standard version, the 6th and final film poster show the U.S version of the film. 157 more words

Unit 3 - Moodboards

Moodboard for AVP (Aliens Vs Predator)

Moving into more development for my poster idea i was set a task to design three moodboards for one of my selected films which i wanted to create a horror movie poster for, the three separate moodboards were split into three categories; the first being ‘Image Development’ the second ‘Feeling and Artworks’ and the third is a ‘Colours and Textures’ moodboard. 178 more words

The Worst Performing Stocks of 2014 in the S&P 500

With the stock market nearing a 10% correction, 24/7 Wall St. is looking for cases of stocks that are down and out — perhaps which are down and out too much once the selling dust settles. 537 more words


Comic Review - Prometheus Fire and Stone #2

Publisher: Dark Horse

Writer: Paul Tobin

Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Release Date: 15/10/14

After kicking off the event as a whole in stunning fashion last time out, Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra follow that up with a breathless second issue, taking a more action-oriented approach to the narrative in the process. 275 more words


Accessing data members in a header file

I am working on a homework assignment where I have to do operations to square matrices. This is a snippet of my header file:

#ifndef _MATRIX_H
#define _MATRIX_H
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>

class Matrix {
        int dimension;
        void print();
… 143 more words