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"The Little, Little Maybe"

Have you ever read “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” by Joanne Greenberg? It’s probably my favorite book about living with mental illness; it’s also where the title of this post comes from. 231 more words

Being Crazy

"You need to get out more": Anxiety and avoidant personality disorder

I find socialising, and often even just leaving the house, really difficult. Everybody gets anxious sometimes. It’s normal to be nervous when you are meeting new people, going for a job interview or giving a presentation but for people with anxiety disorders it goes beyond that. 1,001 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

Self Portrait 3/11/2014

I make coffee. I run with my dog. I go to work. I keep to myself. I come home, take out my dog again, make dinner, watch a show, go to bed. 389 more words


Everything is pretty much in the poo right now..

My ED Behavious are controlling my life right now, and my mood has dropped dramatically. I hate that logically I know that My ED behaviours are causing things to effect me a lot more, and my reactions to be more irrational and dramatic, which then in turn makes my ED behaviours worse again and the cycle just goes on. 888 more words


Today in DBT we focused on Values we’ve been given a homework sheet and I decided to write an entry and elaborate on it some. … 566 more words


It’s so hard when there are things you know you should talk about but you’re too afraid to mention because people will worry and you don’t want to worry anyone because it’s ‘bad’ and not acceptable for you to worry others like that. 84 more words

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