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Very Disapointed In The "Magic" DBT

I stopped therapy a year ago.  After 22 years of not feeling any better, I decided I had enough and left.  Even after taking DBT, I never felt better, although I kept having therapist tell me how much better I’m doing.  524 more words

Another Day Goes By

Had a social worker drop by today, something I have to endure every other week to get my rent partially paid.  When I signed up for this rent program, the social worker was also supposed to help you with life situations, but after a year I got a new worker and they stopped doing that completely.  196 more words


Today I can finally put to rest that somehow my self destruction causes the people around me to be 100% unreliable.  I had someone call me on Monday because they needed there stereo repaired.  166 more words

Curse of Frankenstein Monster

Sometimes I wonder if I am the monster created by Doctor Frankenstein.  I am not a small person, I am 6 and a half feet tall.  184 more words

Ah Summer, The Time You Can't Find A Way Out Of Your House

July 21, the time that most people go to festivals or picnics.  The time where people go to parks, amusement parks, vacations and so forth.  The time to go out and get fresh air and have fun.  291 more words


I know a lot of mentally ill people and their allies would love to get rid of the word “crazy.” It stigmatizes people and minimizes their pain. 401 more words

Being Crazy

Not Good Enough

The only thing I ever have to do to think if I am wrong with my outlook on life is to look around and wonder if I am good enough.  517 more words