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Junos 2015 nominations: Drake, Leonard Cohen, Magic!, Hedley get nods for best in Canadian music

The nominees for the 2015 Juno Awards were announced in Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall today, with MAGIC! , Kiesza and Leonard Cohen topping the list. 860 more words


Watch "Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home" on YouTube

“Nobody’s Home”

Well I couldn’t tell you why she felt that way,
She felt it everyday.
And I couldn’t help her,
I just watched her make the same mistakes again. 228 more words


Artist of the Week: Avril Lavigne

Ah, Avril Lavigne is the voice of my teenage years. I remember spending hours sat next to my CD player, listening to the albums “Let Go” and “Under My Skin” on repeat for hours while I followed the lyrics on the pamphlet that came with it (those were the days). 124 more words


what I wanted to tell Flo today (21/1/15):

  • med school is so hard. oh my god. I’ve only been back in lectures (post exams) 3 days and I’m behind. I think some of the tiredness and feeling like I missed key learning points is the ADHD.
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Tips for Dealing with {Cringe Worthy} Moments...

Cringe-worthy moments. They happen, far more than any of us would (probably) like. So, what do you do when you run into someone who you thought you would  1,092 more words


For the days you need a little help

It’s no secret that growth and healing and life can not happen fully without others. Sometimes it’s a hug or a word of encouragement. Sometimes it’s the presence of person, the wisdom of their words, the art of their creativity, or the power of their story that encourage us to take a little step further, breath a little more courage into our lungs, speak a little more hope into our hearts and those around us. 3,054 more words


Hush, Hush

Hush Hush[Avril Lavigne]

Hush, hush shh
Hush, hush

I didn’t mean to kiss you
You didn’t mean to fall in love
I never meant to hurt you… 272 more words

S O M E T H I N G [享]