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Forgotten Aircraft: Avro's First Bombers (Part 1)

The name “Avro” is synonymous in aviation circles with excellence in bomber design thanks to two very special aircraft; the World War II-era Lancaster and the Cold War-era Vulcan. 1,521 more words


Sleep, Food, Money, Sex, Luck


New Zealand is breathtaking.  Most people see this fabled land second hand, in movies like Lord of the Rings or The Last Samurai.  … 632 more words


Forgotten Aircraft: Avro Lincoln

The Avro Lancaster is an aircraft that has earned itself a glorious place in the annals of aviation history. It was a superb night bomber in its basic form and in its many modified forms it was able to undertake a wide variety of specialist missions including carrying the 22,000lb Grand Slam bomb; the largest conventional weapon dropped from an aircraft in World War II. 1,019 more words


'After 36 operations and a mid-air collision, I made it to the end of the war'

Lancaster bomber flight engineer Warrant Officer Harry Parkins recalls his role in the world’s first humanitarian aid mission more than seven decades earlier with remarkable candour and detail. 461 more words


Aircraft Gallery - Lancaster Nose Art

To the thousands of young men who climbed in to the narrow fuselage of Avro’s Lancaster bomber the aircraft was more than just a means to attack Germany. 106 more words