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My Blog Caught the Attention of a Prominent Attorney

My blog caught the attention of a prominent attorney. She contacted me and suggested that we meet. After 3 hours of talking and looking at my boxes of vast files, she was won over.  245 more words

"Don't Believe the Hype"

As I mentioned in my previous post, I found our last attorney online. I then went to the firm’s website and I liked its logo, … 322 more words

It's Over.

Well. I did it! I’m officially a criminal. 

Is it strange that even though I have been convicted and am now staring down all of my remaining consequences that I feel so relieved? 1,467 more words

Getting an attorney online

Over the years I’ve learned that there is more to selecting an attorney than picking one out online or in the phone book. They say hindsight is 50/50. 501 more words

Yes or No to Avvo?

Many attorneys are choosing to use Avvo as a marketing tool for their firms.  But are they doing this because they feel they have to in order to keep their reputation in the clear (Avvo data mines information and creates a profile for attorneys even if they didn’t want to create a profile)?   62 more words


It's Almost Over

It is now July of 2014. On Monday, I will plead guilty to a DUI. I am tired. I am facing jail time if I continue to fight this and I can’t even stomach the thought of returning to that place. 826 more words