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It is true that the dead don’t sleep, and it is also true that most of those alive are asleep, caught up in a fantasy playing itself out as reality. 368 more words


Beautiful drops of rain that dance over me

Exhilarating feelings overcome my soul

Life beats within so strong

Illuminated in spirit and heart

New streams of thought begin to flow… 16 more words

This Lotus is Nirvana

The seventh is SAHASRARSAHASRAR means one-thousand-petalled lotus. When your energy moves to the seventh, sahasrar, you become a lotus. Now you need not go to any other flower for honey – now other bees start coming to you. 173 more words


We need to say Hello 9/9/14

Anytime I decide to leave the house, I come through the door and feel extremely warmed by my dog Jack. He’s excitable when letting me know how significant it is for me to come home.. 422 more words


Love Mirrored

Stood eyed window scene,

Attentive eye looking,

Love mirrored.

Wright On