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Going Back? Dialog Series #3

“Holiday, coming.  Are you heading southward, to see your folks?  You have some older brothers, there as well, eh?  And your parents?”

“Parents and my two brothers (a nod), down there, east of Dallas.” 241 more words


Outside the Bottle ... the Box? Good Morning!

Earlier this week, during one of my regular fitness programs, I was doing some Moonwalk reps (3 sets of 5) …  and I somewhat supernaturally encountered another fitness exercise by a group of guys from Britain, inspired by the same fellow … Michael Jackson, even though I have never been a fan of Michael Jackson.   115 more words


Piano Guys: Good Morning, And To The Ants Marching!

One of

my more enjoyable responses to the profound question I am asked a great deal … “How ‘you doing?” …

“Well, I woke up.” 127 more words


My shining win

My general idea for this blog was to make a journal about my own changes and discoveries on the path to full awakening. I don’t say ‘enlightenment’ because to me that is a far more advanced state than I currently find myself in. 1,159 more words


Faulty Towers, Faulty Foundations

I am learning to become a better chaneler, with patience and practice. Recently I’ve felt the need to go back and review the experiences that brought me to the acceptance that it was real; not always perfectly clear, but very real communication with ‘others’. 713 more words


Homage to the Buddha.

I bow down to that which is without beginning, middle or end; to peace; to Buddhahood- to he who is Buddha;
Having awakened, he shows the fearless, permanent path so those without realization may gain realization, 41 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes