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Leaf in the wind

I used to feel like a leaf that had come off the branch of a tree, blowing in the wind.

The wind was the world going on around me and my actions, attitudes and happiness were always dependent on the weather and the direction of the breeze. 41 more words

God Consciousness

I use to be afraid of the dark..

~By Nicole Thomas~
I use to be afraid of the dark,
Now I meditate in the dark.
My eyes use to remain scared, shut to darkness, 75 more words

Positive Thinking

You are enlightened

The so-called enlightenment is not a path you walk or actions you take to get to, but to simply realize by direct experience that you are already enlightened, you are already there which is a state so described as “what is” in the now. 72 more words

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Metaconsciousness: The Art of Riding the Winds of the World

I. Abstract

Metaconsciousness makes all the difference to those who gain it. This is not a supernatural process, but rather an awareness of the structures of things—especially society. 480 more words


I wonder why ?

Miss my childhood •• where it was the most difficult decision … I was confronted. Is to choose a “paint pen”

All my senses are awakened…

77 more words
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