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Short and Sweet #134 – Getting to Know your Body

Do you really know what your body does or what it is capable of doing? I am not talking about its physical capabilities. It has so much more to offer us than that. 497 more words

Personal Growth

Your Simple Guide to Meditation

Did you ever feel like meditation sounds like a fabulous idea but you have absolutely no clue how to do it? Does it sound trippy, odd, or impossible yet somehow intriguing? 893 more words


Tarot Hero’s Journey: Justice

The next step on our journey to awakening is Justice. A stern woman sits on a throne holding a sword and a pair of scales. 365 more words


The Struggler

Today I stared Life squarely in the eyes. I shouted, “Come hit me, come let’s fight  – let it be my puny will against your might.” 21 more words

Psychotherapy: A New Spiritual Tradition

Elizabeth Lesser, one of my favorite authors and role models (she’s written two amazing books for spiritual seekers, and co-founded of the Omega Institute) presents an inspiring forecast on the future of psychotherapy. 838 more words


Unconscious Emotional Baggage


What are emotions?

Feelings that come up inside us, feelings based on what? 
Experiences, hurt, love, future endeavours all these have one thing in common; they are moments lived outside the moment of now.  621 more words


Effective Preaching

The mark of “effective preaching” is something you will never see. Effective preaching isn’t in how well you learn to preach, how well you try to sales pitch the message, how many people respond to the proverbial altar call, and so on. 282 more words