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What is love?
Do you really understand what it is?
Can you change your perception of it?

Dear One, do you really know what love is? 458 more words

Quiet Teachers


why do i go rolling without wheels, flying without wings or feathers?

i am being called to learn a new way to be

the old walls must come down… 156 more words

The Courage to Follow Your Heart

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

826 more words

Brothers - an invitation

This is one is for you – the men, the “boys”, the males. Yes, you.

All this talk of Awakening, healing and restoring the Divine Feminine and this is precisely why YOU are who I wish to hear these words.Because this is about You. 887 more words


Tree of Life: Potential of Humanity

This is where we meant to be. Beasts infused with the spirit of Life, so that we too may pluck our weeds; thus, giving us space to grow into a tall tree that produces fruits; fruits which yield seeds of their own that will some day be sown into the ground and have the potential of blooming into their own trees of life. 220 more words


The Essential

Go to the root. Go to the foundation. Reach down to the place before all voices begin, before blood is born, before bone is formed. Look to the first causes, trace the line of phenomenon deeper and deeper and FEEL until you reach the place of First Cause. 377 more words



Where an I going with this concept of worth? Self worth. I still tend to believe when I am deemed worthy, I will be granted more insight, more tools, more abilities on this journey. 331 more words

Personal Exploration