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Finding the Light

(This note is from my 6 year-old who has been with me on the journey to my heart. I began when she was 2. She hasn’t missed a step.) 49 more words


8 Functional Life-Hacks to Reduce Stress

Feeling stressed and don’t want to meditate? It seems like every bit of online advice concerning stress offers the same advice: meditate, exercise, and eat healthy foods. 455 more words


Fir Mousse and Sea Buckthorn Cocktail

Sea buckthorn, fir needles, vodka, sugar and gelatin

We aren’t completing these recipes in any particular order, so we have finally gotten around to making the very first recipe of the book! 470 more words


towards a higher purpose. a holistic approach to balancing the crown chakra

Each of us has an internal oracle and a compass for the direction of our life. I suppose you could say we each have an inner knowing or wisdom about life, consciousness, our purpose and the interconnectedness of it all. 1,093 more words


Verse of the Day - Hebrews 8:12

When it was mentioned in our meeting last night, that God has forgotten all our past sins, I felt a great weight lifted from my chest, like that shadows that laid heavy on my heart had been taken away. 219 more words


Going Inward

Going Inward

Are born in our heart
While our mind is fast asleep
They rap on the door of consciousness
To find a welcoming face… 141 more words