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To be free is to break the law

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.” … 2,436 more words


True Worth

Paying the price isn’t a ceremony of self sacrifice, it is the reality of discovering true worth that is already ours and within us. Reach inward and lay hold of it. 124 more words


Just the One

Nothing exists outside the mind. The mind is a living pallette lush with the many colors of perception. It is the proper tool in creating a world that is driven by the passionate guide of the master’s brush. 178 more words


The Time is at Hand

Since my last OBE I have returned to nights of heavy slumber filled with multitudinous amounts of odd and intricate dreams. I awaken only once and that is in the morning around 6a.m. 2,047 more words


How Do I Become Honest with Myself

When faced with situations that entice you to pull out

your assortment of fearful untruths,

 pause and recover this truth~

You are being guided through a period of change. 968 more words

"I" Is Dying

“What is, is before I am, all thoughts fall when this is seen”

“Die before you die,  then you will never die”

“Who ever discovers the true meaning of these words will not taste death… 238 more words


Rise up, not riot

The riots in Ferguson speak to the pain and frustration that the black community feels. Yet they are saying the wrong thing. They are saying that violence and destruction is standard operating procedure for the black community. 653 more words

Intentional Living