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Tarot Hero’s Journey: Strength

The next step on our journey to awakening is Strength, or Fortitude. A young woman holds the jaws of a lion in her hands, calm in the presence of this powerful beast. 414 more words



Have had some feedback saying that the volume is too low on the audio files, so have enhanced both of them…. Hope you can hear me now :)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Animal Communication

Daily Meditation: 28th July, 2014

Once the gods walked among us in the Golden Age of humanity.  The divine spark in every being was burning brightly because we were pure, and our karmic debts, or wrong actions, were as yet non-existent.

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Tethered to peace
Anchored to grace
Expanse of joy beyond the confines of my flesh.

Winds blow misty foam off illusions of a limitless sea… 28 more words



As a natural being, being plant based, you might assume that in choosing a complementary companion, eye would choose a wombman already within this paradigm. While that is true, it is for me, mutable, as upon sudden revision of standard, eye now feel that it would be a greater reward to find a meat eating womb man and show her the way back to the primordial mother–Nature; Her self. 171 more words

Connection to More

I have come to realize my connection to a higher source or power has been present throughout my life, though certainly I never had a specific term, only something greater within that I trusted guidance from. 273 more words