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An Awakening

I recently purchased a book, “Divorcing A Narcissist One Mom’s Battle” and let me tell you, it has helped me open my eyes so much more. 582 more words

I've Learned; Family

You can’t own God’s creations

you can’t steal his children

we are free

you are not.

you create your own chains

there is so much to enjoy… 120 more words

I've Learned; Lucifer

You sold Lucifer

He didn’t sell you

and the devil is man made.

humans can’t be trusted

until they trust themselves

He trusted you

He wanted to be like you… 112 more words

I've Learned; Mother Nature

She talks to animals

because she can tell they are listening

they have no home.

She talks to animals

the only ones who make sense… 311 more words

I've Learned; Society

Shouldn’t have to tell you twice

to not tell me twice

and to take my meds

Project onto me your anxieties

as I’m fearless

and not scared of anything anymore… 112 more words

I've Learned; Fine

Physically Fine

Physically Able

that was never the question

yet I was healed through grace

only your family can heal you.

Diseased and a disgrace… 93 more words