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The Liebster Award, Me?

I really have to thank Swav for both the eye candy on his blog, wonderful artwork you should all check out, and for his nominating me for the Liebster Award. 528 more words


2014 ACE Award winners

Congratulations to all of the Administration & Finance Commitment to Excellence (ACE) Award finalists! In the video below, the individual award finalists share a little bit about themselves and their work. 443 more words


The Addictive Blog Award

I was recently nominated for The Addictive Blog Award by the lovely Nagina @ OhBookish. A huge thank you to Nagina for the nomination – it really brightened up an otherwise miserable day *grumble* winter weather sucks! 435 more words


Official Awards List

From Her Grace Phaedra, via Facebook:

Toys for Tots

Juliana della Rena – Torse
Razhid al-Raiz – Leather Mallet
Esteban de Valencia – Silver Hammer… 115 more words

Kris Kinder

Nice to Meet You, Liebster

Liebster – a German word meaning dearest or favorite.

Oh, really? I thought this award was named after a person with the last name Liebster. I learn something new everyday. 1,293 more words


Shower of Awards - 2

I am just smiling, without knowing how to put my emotions into words :) . In the space of ten days, three nominations..wow..a self pat on the back ;) . 1,034 more words


Review - 2

My first address through the postal as MADRAASI DEEPA, glad to say that I have been suggested to put a review on the most(global wide) famous… 52 more words