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Ben's Story, Youth Ambassador, Prader-W

Ben’s Story, Youth Ambassador, Prader-Willi Syndrome – YouTube http://ow.ly/zkBDo #pws #praderwillisyndrome #prader-willi


Take a Pause

Things have been busy and trucking along at an Autobahn pace (If you have never driven in Germany?  Interpret this to mean: You are flying down the freeway at 115mph, then the cars in front of you start stacking up as you enter a dropped speed, next thing you know your flying again!)  So yes, life is a series of ebbs and flows.   581 more words

Random Thought

I don't think teachers know what they're doing.

At my triplets 4th birthday party our middle triplet got a tummy ache. She was standing in the middle of our living room when she got “the look”. 1,176 more words

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I've got my eyes on you...

I sit, well stand more often than not, and watch how people are so self aware​ on the train in the morning​. One lady takes ​o​ut a metal drinking flask and with a pout of her lips takes a sup. 358 more words

Prader-Willi Syndrome and Beyond: This Place Matters: A Latham Centers

Prader-Willi Syndrome and Beyond: This Place Matters: A Latham Centers Reunion with Susan Lindquist http://ow.ly/zkBvM #pws #latham


Make or Break You

“I notice everything” a girls favorite saying.

But why don’t we say anything then? Why do we let it continuously affect us? Why do we act like he or she’s going to notice we know something? 240 more words


Best Explanation I Can Come Up With

I’ve been sick for awhile, even before the epilepsy, struggling with depression at times. But especially since I was diagnosed almost three years ago with this disease I’ve been very far down in a hole. 175 more words