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Receptivity and Honoring the Feminine: The Power of Stillness

Written by Sara Chetkin

“Most of us have heard about male and female energy, and how we all have a bit of both within us. In truth, these ener­gies are one, inseparable and incapable of existence as singular entities.” 9 more words

Get Educated About Cutting

There are lots and lots and lots of reasons different people cut. There are some things you should know about individuals who cut (and I’m talking about the whole, not the individual): 425 more words


Fractal Enlightenment | 4 Ways to Overgrow the System

Gary Z McGee Issues 0

“Overgrowing the system is a bottom-up approach to replacing the current regressive unhealthy/unsustainable system with a potentially progressive healthy/sustainable one. But overgrowing the system is no walk in the park. 14 more words

September ~ Notable Days

I’ve  started this little gallery widget on my sidebar.

I’m adding small pictures / text that highlight the various awareness days.  Since WordPress (and my wee little blog) has international followers I’m trying to focus on “world awareness” days. 156 more words


Wherever You Go

In 1994, Jon Kabat-Zinn published the book with the wonderful title of ‘Wherever You Go, There You are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life.’ A very important book that spearheaded a resurgence of the awareness movement inspired by Ram Dass’s 1971 classic, ‘Be Here Now.’ 464 more words


Fun Fact:

Today is National Toasted Marshmallow Day!

mmmm my kind of day!!  Little Karl