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One’s writing reflects one’s reading.

Opinions will align with those nearby.

What the person next to you points out, you’ll see.

Mark Twain said it best, … 20 more words

Ashton Gustafson

Daily Riches: Sniffing Out Wrong in the Neighborhood (Eugene Peterson)

“Anger is a most useful diagnostic tool. When anger erupts in us it is a signal that something is wrong. Something isn’t working right. There is evil or incompetence or stupidity lurking about. 290 more words


There Are No Pieces

We all want to feel connected to others and the world. Isn’t that one reason we cling to our wonderful devices so dearly? Send endless emails and texts? 490 more words


Mindfulness of the moment

“For most of us, a typical day involves hurrying from task to task, forgetting that there are other possibilities for us. Even a tiny bit of mindfulness, brought to any moment, can wake us up, thus subverting the momentum of doing for at least one moment — and that’s all we need to be concerned about. 79 more words


Where's your lean?




With the screen in your hand, on your lap, or atop your desk, there is no greater question to ponder for our days.

Ashton Gustafson

Let's Help Refugees

For all of us in the West,

We go to school,

We read the paper-

Online or on the Newsfeed.

We eat, we sleep, we keep busy and we stay clean. 32 more words