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'September Speed Pulses' paving the way for a vast energy of OPENING in October > Lee Harris

a message from Lee Harris

Thursday, 25 September, 2014  (posted 30 September, 2014)

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Energy Update from Lee – September 25th 2014: 33 more words


Have you ever been around someone who is miserable? I have. Honestly sometimes that miserable turd is me. I’m not always known for my cherub like demeanor. 546 more words


When Avoidance Fails

When looking at personal security we constantly preach the importance of awareness, avoidance and prevention over reaction or physical response. The last article discussed the limitations of physical self defense and the importance of avoiding a situation when these types of skills might come into play. 740 more words

Personal Security

Today...Get Out of Your Own Way With 3 Questions

Albert Einstein said the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

So, what is standing in your way of accomplishing more? 154 more words

Take Control

What's The Future Look Like?

A lot like today and all of the previous yesterdays.

Only the ‘how’ changes.

The ‘why’ rarely does.

Ashton Gustafson

Am I the I that I think I AM?

Sri Ramana Maharishi gave a mantra for self enquiry: “Who Am I?”

Let’s try…see where I get to…

Who Am I?

Am I the senses through which I perceive the world? 219 more words