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The Beingness of Loss

My love’s heart is broken. Last night, I watched, as he said goodbye to his kids as they prepare to depart for Germany. They live there permanently with their mother and will return on Wednesday. 553 more words


The Temple of Ash and Smoke (Poem)

~The Temple of Ash and Smoke~

Asleep at the gates of truth
The sentinel dreams
A stirring vision of multitudes
Arising and falling away
Generations sweep across the face of the earth… 132 more words


Artistic Archeology

Creativity and artistry are fascinating manifestations of where we notice holes in our idea of how the universe works. Whether it’s political theatre, a protest song, an eco-movie like Wall-E, or a painting of Gurnica, artists are the people who see past the theatre of belief to the underlying truth. 562 more words

Scott McPherson

Blood Red Roses

Amazing just how tiring standing in front of a mic laying down tracks can be. No, it’s not an album yet, but it will be soon. 313 more words


Anti-Panhandling Campaign Taking Affect Aug. 1st

The city of Spokane and the Downtown Spokane Partnership are asking residents to stop giving money to panhandlers and instead direct that good will toward local service providers. 10 more words


Athletic Wear Leads to a Healthy Lifestyle

By: Alecia Smith

Athletic wear and styling has become a hot fashion trend that’s been taken with much excitement and interest by the industry. It is now super trendy to wear striped athletic pants, yoga pants, jogger pants, hoodies, and tennis shoes to places that don’t necessarily include the gym and the trend allows comfort and style to blend seamlessly. 547 more words