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All the Time

planning to do chores as the spirit moves you. could live like this all the time. doing things that make/let you feel good, accomplish realistic goals.

Right Brain

Surfing With Cloud Sharks

once upon a manic world,

ordinaries tried to think

then found they had to sync

but thought, sink

~or swim~

and so they sunk…

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I see lots of videos everyday that go “viral” – you know the ones I am talking about, you have probably seen the same ones.  Lately I have started asking myself “why do these go viral, why don’t the videos that really matter go viral?” – what really matters – to me, what breaks my heart and motivates me to want to help?   1,307 more words

Jenn At War

A story about a courageous woman who is taking a stand to spread awareness to youth about human trafficking.
Human Trafficking is one of the nations fastest growing crimes. 49 more words

Current Events

Shift Your Attitude to Gratitude!

In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday in the USA it is time to explore and tune into the energy of gratitude and giving thanks. Having gratitude for what you have and all that you are is a powerful energy that will change everything in your life! 610 more words



I like to think of emotions as a wave;

Sometimes it’s fun to ride them out, sometimes you do it well, other times you do it badly – a lot of this depends on the skills you have and the time & care you take to perfect those skills – so you can ride the waves better. 447 more words


Memories Are the Best Gifts

Hello All. I celebrated my 41 birthday yesterday. My second birthday without my Michael. It was tough. My daughter bought me a very touching heartwarming card that almost brought tears to my eyes but when she signed it she signed her name, her bf name and also put on behalf of Michael. 357 more words