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Our Deserted Tree

The tree once hard its green lit up

Defined by natures course of proceedings

Rays from the supernova

Carefully caressing its 114 more words

Random Poems


I don’t know what will happen.


We need all kinds of theories in order to live an ever flowing transient practical realities of life. One can apply all its contents of theories in to practical life, which is unavoidable to certain extent to the practicality of our existence. 43 more words

Cliche' Ass Niggas

Am I wrong?

Does posting something negative about my “brothas and sistas” make me a bad person? or “white?” I never understood why it is wrong to crave knowledge. 503 more words

Speaking Up

Being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at the age of 21 was really hard. I felt scared, confused, and pretty alone. I felt like there was a big stigma attached to diabetes and I couldn’t find anyone else who seemed to be going through the same thing as me. 119 more words


Sutra II.12 - Chapter II, Sutra 12

क्लेशमूलः कर्माशयो दृष्टादृष्टजन्मवेदनीयः I

kleśa-mūlaḥ karma-āśayaḥ dṛṣṭa-adṛṣṭa-janma-vedanīyaḥ

The sources of suffering (kleśa) are the foundation (mūlaḥ) for the womb of actions and consequences (karma-āśayaḥ), which can experienced (vedanīyaḥ) directly (dṛṣta) or indirectly (adṛṣta). 876 more words