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I have so many questions for you!

I’m sorry for asking so many questions, but… 

When we walked into the strip club, we were greeted by a boisterous group of men celebrating a retirement by using the girls as their entertainment. 714 more words

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Blog from the She's Somebody's Daughter organization in PA. They are working to bring hope & help to girls working in strip clubs up the 322/22 strip. I can remember countless times driving up this highway and Route 15 and counting signs for gentleman's clubs and strip clubs. What an amazing need for love and outreach right here close to home!

System of a down

December 5th 2008

Two blue, two orange, one white and one green. Pill popping. My brain declines the chemical intake; more more she says. My pupils dilate: oh how bright this world is. 252 more words


The formula is simple: Honesty-Love-Happiness.

Here is the hidden truth that we all know and just love (!) forgetting for some mysterious reason.
You can read this as you have written it….if you dare to be that honest with yourself. 539 more words

2.9 million light-years away

December 4th 2008

I’ve decided I want to go home.

I don’t feel very good here. I couldn’t tell you when it started? 1996? Wasn’t that when I left… The longer I stay away, the easier it is to forget where I’ve come from. 349 more words


Smoke & mirrors

December 3rd 2008

I find myself out in the open. I’ve dropped my guard. And then I wait.

I look into the mirror and see a vague form. 123 more words


Tick tock

November 30th 2008

I obliterate the afflicting memories, pulp fiction. I try not to react instantaneously. Delay, delay I say. I muddle the gum in my mouth, grinding and clenching. 222 more words


Why Recycle

Recycling has always been known to be extremely beneficial to the environment, but why has it been so difficult to convince people of this? There are two main reasons to this: 539 more words