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Verbatim: Being good to the person in the mirror

At my recent CPSP meeting I presented this verbatim and got some new insights from the group. I’m going to shorten it a bit just to make it easier to read. 1,315 more words


BOYCOTT BLACK FRIDAY: Protesting Michael Browns' Verdict is Useless

Based on data from Nielsen Company, African-Americans will have $1.1 trillion in collective buying power by 2015(increasing to $1.3 trillion by 2017)

I keep seeing a lot of people on social media who don’t understand the impact of black people using the power that we have as a tool for justice.   360 more words

Michael Brown

Conflict Resolution Workshop for DiverseU at University of Montana

DiverseU recently gave NCBI an opportunity to facilitate a conflict resolution workshop during their week long diversity awareness program at the University of Montana. Participants worked through various conflicts faced in the work place and personal lives after trainers Katie Koga and Sarah Fielding gave them tactful skills based on the NCBI conflict resolution model. 10 more words

On Ferguson

It is abundantly clear that Mike Brown did not deserve to die under the misguided bullets of Darren Wilson, and anyone who sincerely believes that Wilson is not a murderer is a protozoic, under-nourished sewer-soul. 1,305 more words


fighting everything has never been of service to you. you vs. the world isn’t a fair contest!

Right Brain

Turning Anger Into Awareness

Let this be an inspiration to all those who fight the good fight: seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome, one step at a time. Earlier this month, German non-profit… 157 more words

Black Community Notes the Difference in How the Media Covered Ferguson Protests vs. Pumpkin Rioters

Two days after Keene State College students rioted in New Hampshire during the town’s 24th annual pumpkin festival — toppling cars, tearing down signs and starting fires — a growing chorus of commentators in the African-American community have strongly noted the difference between the way the media portrayed the rioting college students and Black people in Ferguson, Missouri, protesting the killing of Michael Brown. 517 more words

Michael Brown