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I should....

When I share with someone that I teach yoga, often the first thing the other person says is “I really should do yoga,” and then looks down shamefully. 478 more words


ROSEMARY'S EXPLORATION: Conscious Relationships Start with Self-Love

All Love flows from Self-Love.

I’ve share this many times and will keep doing so until each of us is totally in love with our own divine Self! 473 more words

Guidance For Conscious Living

How can people have so much hate in their hearts?

I’ve been reading Fark.com daily since about 2004 and Reddit for quite a while as well. Everyone that knows me well, knows that I’m a news/current events junkie and both sites help me get my fix. 703 more words

Theme-less Thursday – To Push or Not to Push

As sit down to write this it’s approaching 10 o’clock in the evening and I’m expected to be somewhere at eight a.m. and I’m debating, given it’s my “free day,” to give myself a break from blogging as I have for the past 26 consecutive days. 311 more words


above and around
stretching limitlessly
from horizon to horizon
touching the elements
air, water, fire and earth
embracing all creatures
sustaining life
insects, and birds… 36 more words


Gabriel García Márquez: Dueño de la Realidad y la Imaginación

 “La primera condición del realismo mágico, como su nombre lo indica, es que sea un hecho rigurosamente cierto que, sin embargo, parece fantástico”. (“Reforma”, México, 2000).

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